16 Best Instagram Captions For Disneyland


Instagram Captions For Disneyland

Looking for the best Instagram captions for Disneyland? Look no further! Oh, Disneyland, the happiest place on earth! If there were a better place for an Instagram post, I would be surprised! With all the sights to see and Disney characters to meet, you are bound to find the perfect Insta. Whether it's outside the magic castle, with a Disney movie character, on a ride like Splash Mountain, or eating their notorious food, we have the perfect Disneyland Instagram captions. Make sure you're not held back by trying to think of a good caption. Look no further! Here are Instagram captions for Disneyland.

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Arizona Dream

Instagram Captions For Disneyland - Scenic Shot

With all the #views at Disneyland, you will definitely get a picture good enough to toss up on the Gram. Some good places to take scenic pictures include: at the magic castle, on top of the ferris wheel, in Downtown Disney, in with the giant props in Toon Town, and more. It seems like everyone posts these pictures, so make sure your caption sets you apart. Here are the best Instagram captions for Disneyland scenic shots.

  • The place that proves magic is definitely real
  • #thxwalt for these #views
  • Hoping Walt Disney is really frozen in ice and coming back one day to make more Disneyland
  • That's it! I'm never leaving!
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Instagram Captions For Disneyland - The Character Shot

At any age, it is really fun to see your favorite animated characters come to life and roam the streets of Disneyland. When you're a little kid, you bring around an autograph book and get the signatures of all your favorite people, but when you're older, you can settle for a picture of or with them. They are really everywhere and everyone is there, from princesses to animated characters in costume, here are some Instagram captions for pictures of characters at Disneyland.

  • Happiest place on Earth means hanging out with Mickey Mouse.
  • Never thought I'd meet the real Mickey! What an honor!
  • Cheesin' hard for my favorite animated friends.
  • He loves it here, too. He told me.
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Third Monk

Instagram Captions For Disneyland - On A Ride

These are the hilarious pictures. The ones that are taken while you the wind is whipping through your face and you are screaming at the top of your lungs are always the best. If you buy the picture, or get a chance to snap a picture of your picture as it comes up on the screen, you should definitely Instagram it. It will be a real crowd pleaser, we are sure of it. Here are some captions for Instagram posts on rides at Disneyland.

  • Might not be pretty, but it sure was fun!
  • Splash Mountain got the best of me.
  • Worth the 2 hour wait in line to get this beautiful photo.
  • Good thing I'm over the height limit, because I didn't want to miss this!
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Instagram Captions For Disneyland - Foodgram

At Disneyland, even the food is magical, and will definitely put a smile on your face. Whether it is a midday snack shaped like Mickey Mouse, a meal at one of the many beautiful restaurants, a snack found while strolling through Downtown Disney, or just a giant turkey leg from Toon Town, be sure to share your sweet or savory dish with your followers. Here are the best Instagram captions for Disneyland foodgrams.

  • #fita at the #happiestplaceonearth
  • Happiest place with the happiest food
  • I might feel a little weird about eating Mickey's face, but it does taste good!
  • Phone eats first, even at Disneyland