Help Us Rank The 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos Ever

justin bieber
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Rank The Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos Ever

What do you think are the worst tattoos ever? Help us rank these 10 ridiculous celebrity tattoos by which are the actual worst. Normally people have good stories to go with their tattoos, or meanings behind them, but sometimes you will see some of the most outrageous tattoos for no reason. Why is it that celebrities always sport the latter? With tattoos becoming more and more prevalent with everyone from Miley Cyrus to Post Malone, we are bound to see some bad ones. Let's rank these 10 worst tattoos ever. Tell us what you think!

Kendall Jenner

Jon Boy Tattoo via Instagram

Among other tattoos, Kendall has the word "meow" tattooed inside her bottom lip. She claims she got it one drunken night, we all know how it goes, no ragrets right?

Zayn Malik

Zayn via Instagram

For someone kind of known for their tattoos, everyone knows Zayn's tattoos have stories. For example, he has the eyes of his ex-girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, right in the middle of his chest.


Instagram via Champagnepapi

He's got a bottle of cologne tattooed on his arm. Although we might all love a good whiff of drakkar noir, it is kind of a bad idea to get it permanently inked on your body, no?


instagram via jwoww

No matter how much you love Disney, I gotta say I am against a Disney sleeve tattoo. Sorry JWoww it really isn't a good look.

Gucci Mane

Instagram via @laflare1017

Gucci Mane has an ice cream cone tattooed on his cheek. Is this because he loves ice cream? Because it is just cool to have tats on your face? Or a constant reminder to diet? What do you think?

Zac Efron

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This heartthrob hottie, known for his acting skills and adorable demeanor, has the most basic tattoo of all. He has "YOLO" on his hand, c'mon Zac we thought you were better than that!

T Pain

Twitter via @pugsplz

He has a tattoo of the word "tattoo" on his neck. You could say this is a meta description of life as a rapper, a parody of the fad of visible tattoos, but we think he just has a good sense of humor and a face for tats.


via Instagram: @iiswhoiis

In a completely unsurprising turn of events, Kesha also has a lip tattoo. Hers makes a little more sense in the context of her personality, it says "suck it."

Justin Bieber

Instagram via @justinbieber

Justin keeps adding tat after tat, and sometimes we are about it, but two sleeve tattoos? I think the one and only Adam Levine can rock that look.

Nicki Manaj

Instagram via @nickiminaj

Even Nicki has admitted this tattoo is a regret of hers, she says she got it way too young! These characters mean "God is always with me," a nice thought, but poor execution on the tat.