How Are The Instagram Likes On A Photo Ordered?


What Does The Order Of Who's Liked Your Instagram Photos Mean?

With ever-rolling updates to the look and function of Instagram, the newest updates have seemed to change the order of who's liked your Instagram photos. So, what does the order of who's liked your Instagram photos mean?

The order of who has liked your Instagram photos used to be organized by time, meaning in order of who liked the Instagram photos most recently. However, as users have noticed, the order of who has liked your Instagram photos has changed dramatically! Likes on Instagram photos now appear in order of who you interact with most.

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You may have noticed that you see the same first two names appear under each photo next to a number indicating how many others have liked the Instagram photo. These two names are the people who liked your Instagram photo that you have interacted with most on the app. These are the Instagram users that you search for, like and comment on their Instagram photos, or direct message with. If you click to see all of the users who liked your photo, they will appear in descending order of people you interact with most often.

With Instagram switching up its look and functions every so often, be sure to check back with us for updates!