On Bumble, In Bumble BFF Mode, Who Can Still See Your Profile?

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Can guys still find my profile if I'm in Bumble BFF mode?

Whether looking for a BFF or a relationship, Bumble does it all. You can use Bumble BFF mode to find friends in addition to swiping through tons of profiles to find a potential partner. Since there are two sides of the app, when I'm in Bumble BFF mode, can guys still find my profile? When switching between Bumble and Bumble BFF are both profiles still active?

Guys CAN Still See My Profile If I'm On Bumble BFF Mode


Bumble has perfected the art of balancing relationships and friends by making it easy to find both — it's as simple as switching Bumble modes in the app! Both sides continue to exist while you browse through the other.

Both profiles still exist, and work simultaneously, so you can switch between Bumble modes quickly and easily depending on your mood! If you are feeling like you need a girls' night out, feel free to head over to Bumble BFF to see if someone wants to hit a happy hour or go shopping, and don't worry, you can still meet eligible singles through the app while you do!