British-Irish Dialect - It's A Thing! How Many Words Do You Know?

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Find out if we can guess whether you are English, Irish, or from somewhere else entirely!

How do you brew your tea? What do you put on your feet to go for a jog? Answer these 18 questions, and we'll determine whether you are English or Irish!

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Do you put diesel or petrol in your car? When you hear "from the press", you do think about journalists, the cupboard in your house, or a printing press? Or maybe that phrase means something else entirely. This super accurate quiz will guess whether you are British, Irish, multi-national, or from somewhere else entirely! Do you want to see if you have any UK or European ancestors in your family tree? These questions can help you find out! Do you put trainers, sneakers, or runners on to go for a jog? What do you call your mother? If you have bread on the table for a family dinner, do you call it a roll, bap, bun, or something else?

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