Louisiana Lingo - It's A Thing! How Much Do You Know?

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Ya'll better ace this quiz, now!

Are you a true Louisiana local? If you know which sea creature to pinch the tail and suck the head, then you may just ace this Louisiana lingo quiz!

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How do you feel about making groceries? Or when your mom tells you to save the dishes? What about when she tells you your gonna make a pass before going home? Were you born and raised in the Big Easy? If you know the Louisiana Fais do do and Fais do don'ts, then you may just ace this quiz! But prepare yourself, because only a true bayou native could get all these questions right! What's another name for Carnival? What about the French Quarter? Show off your knowledge of Louisiana's most unique sayings, slang, lingo, and anything in-between! Go grab yourself a hurricane, and prove to us that you call Louisiana your home.

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