Quiz: Only A DIEHARD Game of Thrones Fan Can Pass This Ultimate Trivia Test

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Could you survive a night beyond the Wall?

Do you have what it takes to fight Cersei's wildfire, Daenerys' dragons, or the White Walkers beyond the Wall? Take this ultimate test to find out!

 Mar 11, 2019
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Do you think you have what it takes to survive the Red Wedding? What about a night beyond the Wall where the White Walkers roam? Could you survive an encounter with the Mother of Dragons, or more frighteningly, her three enormous dragons? What about Cersei's wildfire? Only a true diehard Game of Thrones can pass this ultimate fan trivia test! See if you've got what it takes to survive just one day in Westeros. After all, not many have. Do you remember the name of Jon Snow's direwolf? What about the sigil of the House Tyrell? Get ready for a challenge, because this quiz will test the limits of your knowledge! From season one to season seven, this tricky test covers it all!

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