Only Felix Could Get 100% On This Stray Kids Quiz. Can You?

stray kids
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Can you call yourself a true STAY?

How well do you know the Kpop group Stray Kids? The boys made a huge splash when they debuted in 2018. See if you know enough to call yourself a STAY!

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CALLING ALL KPOP FANS! If you're a fan of the South Korean boy band named Stray Kids, formed in 2017 by JYP Entertainment through a reality TV show, then we've got the perfect Stray Kids fan quiz for you. If you're an avid follower of the Korean Pop group sensation, then you're definitely thinking you'll ace this Stray Kids trivia quiz. Any true Stay knows that each of the Stray Kids boys has a very unique and specific personality, and together they make up the perfect nine-some. To find out how much you really know about the group, just take this quiz and answer questions such as "What was their official debut song?" and "Who is the leader of the group?". To see if you're a true fan, take this fun Stray Kids quiz! Bang Chan, Woojin, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N would be proud to see you ace this quiz!

Want to know more about Stray Kids? Well, did you know that Lee Know and Felix were originally eliminated from the group during the TV show, but all nine members ended up in the finals.

Also, before the TV show even premiered, the group released it's first music video titled "Hellevator".

If you want more Stray Kids quizzes, stay tuned! Until then, take this quiz to see how much you actually know about Stray Kids! And if you want more KPOP quizzes, you can take them here.

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