Quiz: Are You Holy Enough To Name All These Biblical Figures By One Clue?

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Do you know everything about the Bible? Prove it!!!

See how well you know the most famous people from the Bible, including everyone from Jesus himself to Queen Esther.

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Do you know the difference between Jesus and Judas? We hope so! Take this quiz to show how well you know the Bible, from just one image. This fun, interactive quiz will have you entertained! You'll finally see if Sunday school paid off! Your teachers, young and old, will pat themselves on the back for working so hard. Your grandmother will be so proud that you actually did pay attention in Church. Or you'll fail and have to hide your score from your loved ones. Which isn't a big deal! You can always retake this Biblical quiz over, and over again. You can prep for Christmas by retelling the story of the three wise men. Or better yet, how the birth of Jesus. Whatever religion you may be, you will learn something new, or old, about the Bible. If Moses can part the red sea, then you can get a perfect score on this quiz! Grab some friends if you need to, more heads are better than one! Turn some water into wine and have fun. Maybe you're at work and this'll be a nice break from your day. Maybe you're at church on your phone (naughty, naughty) and need a quick review before your pastor comes back around. Whatever it may be, enjoy this quiz about Biblical figures!!!

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