14 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re From A Large Family

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If you have 3 or more siblings you understand the pain. (and beauty).

Being from a large family can be difficult at times. You always have to share everything and eat foods that your siblings like, but it has some benefits. No one else will ever quite understand the joy of having so many siblings to depend and rely on. Here are a few of the ups and downs of siblingship...

1. You have to share EVERYTHING


When there are so many kids in the house "what's mine is yours" takes on a whole new meaning. Nobody knows where anything came from and if you want first pick at dinner you better sprint to the table because the food will be gone fast.

2. Sisters are total wardrobe thiefs


You can be POSITIVE that shirt is yours, but your sister may steal it and no one can prove who it actually belongs to. So then she gets 100 compliments and you're left fuming at the loss of your stellar purchase.

3. Buying groceries in bulk


Trips to the grocery store require some serious time and energy. Not to mention you pretty much have to restock on food every two days.

4. There are WAY too many people to buy Christmas gifts for


That awkward moment when you think you remembered everyone but suddenly someone walks in the door who you forgot so you're forced to make a makeshift gift on the spot...admit it we've all been there.

5. There are also too many birthdays to keep track of


Okay Marks birthday was last week so we're definitely good for a while. Oh wait! Cassie's birthday is in 3 days and there is nothing planned! Quick - plan a last minute get together and lets call it a surprise party!!

6. The house is always full of your siblings friends


Sometimes you get home and are taken aback by everyone that's there and everything that's happening. But this has probably helped you adjust to being great at dealing with strangers and conflict as an adult!

7. You always know people of your siblings ages


You always have friends of other ages. Sometimes your siblings best friends become your good friends too. At least at school the older kids will look out for you! Well, if your sibling is cool that is...

8. It's a hassle going anywhere


Just making it out the door is a small miracle in itself.

9. Every restaurant hates you. Every. Single. One.


On top of it all the check ends up being about a months rent worth.

10. Parents getting your names confused


Eventually people get used to being called their sisters name, brothers name... and sometimes even the dogs name before their parent finally gets it right.

11. Always being late to everything


Getting ready for anything in your household is utter chaos. Lines for the bathroom, bodies bumping into each other left and right. The day you show up anywhere on time will be a miracle.

12. Never being able to make a solid plan


No one is ever on the same page. So dad's plan is different than mom's plan is different than Becky's plan and so on. Honestly if people just put their thoughts in the family group chat this would be so much easier.

13. Everyone has a different schedule


No one is ever on the same schedule. Frank has soccer, polly has tennis, bobby has basketball and Molly is at chess club. How do you get each kid to each place... and when is dinner if no one is home??

14. At the end of the day, you have a huge support system


Honestly, what is better than knowing you have a giant family to depend on? Even on the worst days at least one person is home to cheer you up!

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