Only Diehard Grey's Fans Can Pass This Fan-Written Quiz Without Cheating

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Another one!

A fun and tricky fan-written Grey's Anatmy trivia quiz. How high can you score on these hardcore fan questions?

 Jul 28, 2020

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How many times has April been fired?

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Who sings “You wanna be me but you can’t be me?”

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How did Ben propose to Bailey?
A crossword puzzle
Breakfast in bed
A long letter

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How many sisters does Meredith have?

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Who’s brother died in the military?

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How did Callie correctly identify that George was the patient in bed?
By a birth mark on his hand
By the ring on his finger
By his eye color

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How many times was Meredith in a love triangle?

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What did George O’Malley’s dad and brothers always ask him to do?
Go fishing with them
Come home
Pick a car

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What song did Cristina sing while cutting cadavers?
Like a Virgin
How To Save A Life
Purple Rain

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How many Harper Avery Awards does Meredith return?

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Who is Dr. Daisy Pepman?
A doctor, who died on the table
AN OBGYN doctor, Karev likes
A dermatologist resident

12 of 16Pick your answer!

Owen and Christina's house use to be a ______.
Bus Station
Medical Clinic

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Who was chief resident from Meredith’s class?
April Kepner
Alex Karev
Cristina Yang

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What was Zola's birthday party turned into?
It remained her birthday with Meredith writing yay Zola on the cake.
Christina and Owen's fight about cheating.
Richard Webber's 10,000th surgery party.

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Which doctor got shot in the head by Gary Clark?

16 of 16Pick your answer!

What does Ellis remember about Meredith when she is lucid?
Meredith went to Europe
She had another baby
She went to Boston
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