7 Truths About Being The Slutty Friend

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No shame in your game.

Your Friends Live Vicariously Through Your Sex Life


You have the best stories to spill at wine nights and you share them with pride. But you'll also notice that it's always your least promiscuous friend who's dated the same guy since high school who is most encouraging of your sex-capades. A lot of your friends seem to really want to support the institution of casual sex without, well, actually having it

You Lose Track of Your “Number”


Honestly, thank god. Keeping some stigmatized list of everyone you've hooked up with has always felt like a very middle-school tradition. While many women are insecure about their number, you reach a certain level where you realize how little it truly matters and how (as long as you're staying safe) it's no one's business but your own.

You've Had A Lot Of Awkward Sex


From weird sex playlists to queefing on a stranger, you've been through it all. And unfortunately the first time (or ten) never seems to go down as smoothly as it does in the movies. But the good part is that after experiencing so much awkward, nothing really is anymore! You're not easily embarrassed, and you have plenty of advice to give out.

You're Informed


You've had enough sex to know the importance of keeping it safe. That's why you've scoured every Web MD article on HPV (all adventurous women do) and know the nearest pharmacy to grab Plan B. You also probably have a twenty-minute speech/Powerpoint presentation prepared for any guy that tries to tell you he doesn't need to wear a condom.

You Can Still Catch Feelings


Despite what some might think, you're not just an unfeeling robot who jumps from partner to partner without a care in the world. And while some former partners may have been casual booty calls or one-night-stands, others were probably more significant relationships. Having a lot of sex doesn't mean sex never matters to you.

You Have Your Regrets


Hindsight is always 20/20, and when you've been with the number of people you have, you've probably caught a couple of stinkers. Maybe you went home with a homeless guy you thought was a hipster, or maybe you thought the best revenge on your ex was to sleep with his even douchier friend. Whatever the case may be, the important thing is that you recognize your mistakes and know what you want moving forward.

You're Spontaneous


You probably don't have a "three date rule" like your friends. Or many "rules" at all for that matter. For a lot of more promiscuous women, sex is less about passing a test or reaching some threshold, and more of an in-the-moment decision. You're getting to know someone, you're excited or passionate about someone, and at the end of the day you have sex because, well, you just want to. Crazy, right?