28 Kellyanne Conway Quotes That, Yep, Are Very Much Not Fake News

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Oh Kellyanne!

You Read That Correctly, Kellyanne Conway Really Did Utter These Quotes

Kellyanne Conway. What is there to say about her? Maybe we'll let her own words do the talking.

As Donald Trump's employee she is constantly talking to the press and because of it, we're inundated with her thoughts and comments. She'll speak on behalf of the President from time to time and when she does, well, there are more Kellyanne Conway quotes floating around the world. And don't get me started about her Twitter account. So, if you're curious about what Ms. Conway has to say, we've given you the gift of Kellyanne Conway quotes. Do what you please with them...

Kellyanne Conway Quotes

  • "Women in my focus groups, they say a bald man is trustworthy. He has nothing to hide."

  • "Sexual harassment is as difficult to prove as it is to disprove."

  • "Nothing creates a winner quotes like earning it, not just inheriting it."

  • "I never knew how ugly and how stupid I was until, you know, we had Twitter."

  • "The fact is that Hillary Clinton could not stand up to a cheating husband, so how in the world would she stand up to North Korea and some of our other enemies around the globe?"

  • "Donald Trump is at his very best, at his very best, when he talks about the issues."

  • "I think people have realized it's very unwise to bet against Donald Trump."

  • "Washington is built on power."

  • "Most political wives are accidental politicians."

  • "The hidden Trump vote in this country is a very significant proposition."

  • "Women look at the full measure of the man, not just one comment."

Kellyanne Conway Quotes

  • "I don't sugarcoat things, but I'm very polite in delivering them."

  • "To women, a flip-flopper is the functional equivalent of the guy who never calls and always changes his mind."

  • "Women, left to their own devices, are going to tend and trend Democratic. That is absolutely the case."

  • "Although it shouldn't be, men behaving badly is sort of an occupational hazard for those working in Washington."

  • "You live by the media, you live by the polls, you've got to suffer by the polls, too."

  • "Melania Trump is never beholden to the Washington ways of broadcasting everything you're thinking and doing."

  • "As a mother, as a Catholic, as a person of conscience, I don't want children ripped from their parents."

  • "That's like a plane falling from the sky every single day."

  • "What's your ethnicity?"

  • "Donald Trump performs concisely better in online polling, where a human being is not talking to another human being about what he or she may do in the election."

Kellyanne Conway Quotes

  • "Winning may not be everything, but it's darn close."

  • "I've been in a very male-dominated business for decades. I found, particularly early on, that there's plenty of room for passion, but there's very little room for emotion."

  • "If you heard 40 times in a day that Newt Gingrich takes the wings off butterflies, eventually you'd believe it."

  • "Former presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were each told repeatedly, 'You can't win.' They all won."

  • "CNN talks more about Russia than they do about America."

  • "People don't want their kids looking at a cartoon with a bunch of lesbian mothers."

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