The Best Rooms at Refinery29's 29Rooms in Los Angeles

Piera Gelardi posing in an exhibit at 29Rooms
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Our 29Rooms Experience

The world has seen some pretty unique and interesting pop-up exhibits and museums around the world over the past few years.

From the Museum of Ice Cream to Cheat Day Land, there's something for everyone. But all of them pale in comparison to Refinery29's 29Rooms.

The media and entertainment company launched the interactive festival of style, culture, and creativity four years ago, and it's been growing ever since.

Now back in sunny Los Angeles, California for the second year, editors Ashley Locke and Sophie Matthews were lucky enough to attend a press preview of this year's exhibit.

29Rooms goes from Dec. 5 through Dec. 9 in Downtown L.A., but you can get an exclusive sneak peek by checking out Ashely and Sophie's favorite rooms from the exhibit below. And if you'd like to purchase tickets yourself, you can do so here.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and expand your mind!

Ashley's Favorite Rooms

1. Artists in Residence

One of my favorite parts about 29Rooms is how it's designed to ignite creativity in every single person who roams the floor. Even those who don't believe they have a single ounce of creativity in their bones leave ready to drop their 9-to-5 to become a sculptor. This year, they put that feeling into action with their Artists in Residence room. Featuring the likes of Sage Adams, Carolyn Suzuki, Stephanie DeAngelis, and Mary Margaret Groves, these artists will guide you through the process of creation and iteration in their respective mediums. It's a fun way to see what you're really made of.

2. Inner Beauty Ball

In collaboration with House of Yes, this room is essentially one giant dance party where you're encouraged to let loose and just have a good time. Forget about your worries for a minute and dance. I know I can't dance (hello, white!), but I still shimmed my fears away with some of the sparkliest dancers I've ever seen. It's a grand ol' time.

3. You Are Magic

I could sing the praises of The Hoodwitch until the day I become star matter, so I was so stoked when it was announced she'd have a room at the exhibit. Nestled deep inside a crystal lair, you'll be immersed with stones and astrology for days. I've never felt like I belonged somewhere more in my life than being in that room. It was, for lack of a better word, magical. Unleash the inner witch within you by experiencing this exhibit for yourself.

Sophie's Favorite Rooms

1. Money Mantras

Refinery29 saw crazy success with their Money Diaries vertical, wherein young people from across the country explain how they use their money. It's a peek behind the curtain; you get answers you're too afraid to ask. It's like reading someone's diary where you get to skip over all the boring stuff. So, when we toured 29Rooms, I was excited to see Money Mantras. It wasn't as interactive as the other rooms but it was perfectly on brand. A pyramid of piggy banks were stacked perfectly, all with the signature lavender and yellow hues we love. It was the perfect way to include a big part of Refinery29, while still celebrating the success of the book of the same name, published in September.

2. The Values Stand

I loved this part of 29Rooms. The stand was perfectly wallpapered in activism, as posters adorned the walls, shelves, and countertop. Soda cans read "create change" and an ATM screamed "PAY WOMEN, PAY WOMEN, PAY WOMEN." In a time where activism is a dirty word, it was great seeing the words sprayed everywhere in pinks and reds. It reminded me why I was so passionate about the midterm elections and why that passion needs to fuel everyone. I was absolutely tickled that an art installation had such an instant affect on me, I wanted to pick up a poster and protest the injustices of the world. If 29Rooms was meant to inspire the people who got to experience it, they had one success story under their belt before lunch.

3. The Plan B Hotline

To my surprise, this sponsored room was one of my favorites. Of course, as a woman I support Plan B One-Step and other emergency contraceptives, but I was absolutely blown away by the effort they put into their display. Three colorful phone booths aligned the back wall where passerbys could enter and pick up the phone. The phonebook, a relic in our modern age, sat with names and numbers of women who recorded their Plan B One-Step stories, as well as coupons for the emergency contraceptive. I dialed a number and got to listen to a stranger's first-person experience and reasons as to why she turned to Plan B One-Step. It was refreshing and honest, it felt like a sisterhood was coming together, to tell the "hush-hush" stories of contraceptives gone wrong during sex. It wasn't inciting pity or sympathy but rather celebrating the fact that women can finally find emergency contraceptives in the aisles of major stores. They were stories of women who weren't ready for motherhood, or relationships, and took what control they had back to their bodies.

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