11 Worries Every Woman With Anxiety Face Daily


Anxious girls have it hard!

Anxiety is a difficult thing to keep at bay. Unfortunately, there is no switch you can use to just turn it off (if you've found one, please let me know!), so many of us are stuck having to deal with it everyday - and boy can it can be challenging!

Here are 11 worries women with anxiety will face daily:

1. *Orders latte* Can I afford this? I definitely can’t afford this.


Maybe they'll let me refund it? She's handing it to you, now's your chance… no I can't, I'll just have to drink it and get evicted. Dammit.

2. I have definitely left the straighteners on. I’ve burned down my house.


I'm going to go home to a burnt down house and that's going to be it. My life as I know it will be over.

3. My boss just saw me check a text. I'm definitely going to get fired.


I might as well clear out my stuff now.

4. 10 minutes and no reply. My housemate hates me.


Did I not clean up after myself? Did I not change the toilet roll? Omg she's going to hate me forever isn't she?

5. Why are they whispering? They're definitely talking about me.


They're probably talking about how I'm going to get fired.

6. Can everybody hear me eating? Must chew quieter.


Note to self: no more apples in the office.

7. Want to leave on time but scared everyone will judge me


It's normal to feel bad for doing your required hours right? Maybe I should stay... but I want food.

8. What if someone kidnaps my parents see it in the news.


I've seen crime documentaries, my parents can't go through that! If I get kidnapped, I'm a terrible daughter and they'll hate me forever.

9. That guy walking in front definitely slowed down so he could follow me.


You're in a dress and boots...don't run, you'll look weird.

10. What if my housemate has a camera and watches me when she’s out?


Oh god, what is she knows I ate all that popcorn I found stuck to my pants the other night? What if she saw me run downstairs naked when I'd forgotten my towel last week? I'm going to have to move out.

11. What was that noise? Is someone breaking in?


I'm going to die in my own home. I can't die in my Pyjamas.