10 Devastating Grey's Anatomy Tragedies You'll Never Forgive Shonda For

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"Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend."

You would think that after 13 traumatic seasons, Grey's fans would either stop watching or be used to tragedy by now. However, we just keep coming back for more! Here's are my picks for the most devastating Grey's Anatomy tragedies...so far. Can you make it through this list without crying? I couldn't.

1. Meredith Almost Drowned After The Ferry Boat Crash


When Meredith was helping people who were injured during the ferry boat crash, she got knocked into Elliot Bay and nearly drowned. The thing is, Meredith doesn't swim. While Meredith is the only person who knows whether or not she stopped swimming because she was depressed or tired, even the implication of the former is incredibly hard to digest.

2. April Loses Her Baby


We were all excited for Jackson and April to experience parenthood for the first time. That is, until they found out their unborn son had a fatal bone disease. April had to undergo induced labor and childbirth only to hold baby Samuel moments before he passed away in one of the most heartbreaking scenes in Grey's history.

3. George's Death


George was the best person out of all the original interns and he did not deserve his incredibly upsetting demise. As soon as he wrote "007" on Meredith's hand, my heart dropped to the bottom of my chest. When those elevator doors opened and there stood George, my heart shattered into a million pieces. I'm not going to lie, I was never a huge fan of his, and I never realized how much I would miss him.

4. Callie's Car Crash


Even though this made it possible for the Grey's Anatomy musical episode to happen, it was not worth it. Not only did we see both Callie and her premature baby fight for their lives, Callie can no longer have children. Thankfully they both made it in the end, but from beginning to end, it was difficult to watch.

5. Henry's Death


Teddy might have married Henry for insurance purposes, but it soon blossomed into a love that was worth rooting for. But, it fell apart when he died during surgery in the hands of Christina, who didn't even know it was him. What made it 10000 times worse was that Teddy wasn't informed of his death until after she finished a surgery of her own. She was never able to say goodbye to him while he was still alive, and watching her say goodbye afterwards just...hurts.

6. The Plane Crash


No Grey's tragedy could ever beat the plane crash episode (and the aftermath). It was crazy. It was madness. It was SO HEARTBREAKING. It felt like spring cleaning was here and Grey's got rid of half the cast from that moment on. All while the rest of the characters uninvolved were completely and blissfully unaware. Lexie? Arizona's leg? And then Mark down the line? I get teary just thinking about it.

7. Denny's Death


This is an episode I have yet to rewatch because I know my heart cannot take it. Izzie did everything she could to save him because she loved him so much, even if it was crazy. But then he got that heart transplant and we all thought it was fine and they could be happy together. And then he just died. Alone. It was devastating and I don't think any of us could ever get over this death.

8. The Shooting Episode

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As much as I appreciated the intensity of this episode, I was left terrified and traumatized from the moment that Reed was suddenly shot until it was finally over. Words cannot describe the fear and heartbreak created in every scene of this two-parter, as our favorite characters' sense of safety and security was completely shattered in a single day.

9. Derek's Death


This is one death numerous fans are not willing to forgive Shonda Rhimes for. McDreamy was a staple for this show for so long, and to let him die in the way he did, was just cruel. Not only was he completely alone and without Meredith or his kids, he was conscious through the whole thing. He knew it was the end for him. Nope. I can't. At least Meredith was able to say goodbye, but that is just as soul crushing as Derek's death.

10. The Bomb Episode


This episode is the first episode that showed Grey's fans that Shonda wasn't pulling any punches. Yeah, we got an intense plot twist at the end of Season 1, but it was nothing compared to this. We're on the edge of our seats and terrified for Meredith throughout the whole thing. And then, when we finally feel safe, it is immediately ripped away as Dylan Young, the member of the bomb squad that was talking Mer through it, blows up! (Despite this being a clear message that no one is safe when it comes to Grey's Anatomy, I simply cannot forgive Shonda Rhimes for killing off Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights. Never.)

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