10 Feelings Only Grey's Fans Can Understand


Here's to anyone and everyone who has ever simultaneously loved and felt personally victimized by Shonda Rhimes.

Being a Grey's fan takes the dedication, emotional strength, and resilience of Meredith Grey herself. But, the carousel never stops turning. You can't get off. For anyone who has experienced this roller-coaster carousel of a show, my heart goes out to you.

1) A Fierce Sense Of Loyalty Towards Older Characters When New Ones Come In


Let's be honest here. We ALL hated the people from Mercy West and every batch of new interns. (Especially since it usually meant that we just lost one of our own.) But we eventually ended up loving them too...I guess.

2) Yearning For Friendship Just Like Meredith And Cristina's


Possibly one of the best relationships on Grey's, romantic ones included! They've been through SO MUCH together. Thank you, Twisted Sisters, for showing us how important and strong the friendship between women can be. (And also the importance of dancing it out.)

3) Conflict When Your Favorite Is Being Problematic


It's great that not every character is flawless in every way. It's part of the reason why we love the show! But, it doesn't stop us from cringing when our perfect McDreamy is being a Class-A Jerk! Deep sigh

4) Sudden Inspiration To Become A Doctor


Anaphylaxis? Appendectomy? Hemispherectomy? Pffft, no problem! We've seen long and complicated procedures completed in a 42-minute episode! Time to scrub in! What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

5) Pure Joy When Your Favorite Pairing Finally Gets Together


One of the best feelings! Almost nothing's more satisfying than when all of that buildup FINALLY comes together. (But please note that this feeling is often accompanied by paranoia that something will go HORRIBLY wrong. Stares at Shonda Rhimes.)

6) Pure Sadness When They Separate


This inevitable plot device is inevitable. BUT STILL!! They were SO HAPPY! WE were so happy! This crumbles our hearts into a million pieces and the only thing we can do is watch and wait for them to heal...or get back together. Please.

7) And Pure Shock And Overwhelming Sorrow If It's Because Someone Dies


Sometimes it feels like it isn't really happening. We always hope for some miracle to happen, but when the reality of it settles in, we are inconsolable for weeks. Most of us were still hurting over Denny by the time Season 11 came out to completely DESTROY US.

8) Heartbreak When Your Favorite Dies AND Your Other Favorite Has To Watch


O'Malley. Little Grey. Charles. Their death scenes have simultaneously reduced us to a puddle of tears and made us want to rip our hearts out of our chests with our own bare hands, just to stop it from hurting. HOW MUCH MORE CAN WE TAKE?

9) Rage At Shonda Rhimes For Doing All Of This To Your Heart


Sometimes we get angry on Twitter. Sometimes it just feels like we'll never be cheerful again. Sometimes we want to quit. And sometimes we do.

10) Acceptance That You Actually WANT To Stay On This Crazy Carousel


Even when our hearts have been hurt one too many times, we always keep crawling back. We remember the characters, the surgeries, and the relationships that made us fall in the love with the show in the first place. And honestly, if we ever took a break, we would just find ourselves trying to ease our way back in and then accidentally binge-watch four seasons in a single sitting. You win, Shonda!

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