10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Grey's Anatomy

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"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

Truly shocking facts about Grey's!

Considering Grey's has been around for 12 years, there's a lot of fun facts about the show that the average fan may not know, from interesting behind the scenes stuff to mindblowing facts about the characters! So, here are 10 facts that you probably didn't know about Grey's Anatomy!

1. Jo Wilson And Owen Hunt Are British

Talk about mind blowing! Our jaws literally dropped when we found out! Camilla, who plays Jo Wilson, is speaking with an English accent in the video above and Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen Hunt, can be found speaking in his Scottish accent in the film Maid of Honor, which also happens to feature McDreamy! Now, we demand there be an episode where they speak in their everyday accents! Please, Shonda!

2. We Almost Didn't Get Alex Karev


Alex Karev (played by Justin Chambers) almost didn't make it to our television screens! He was only written into the show after the first episode had already been shot because the writers wanted someone to contrast George O'Malley. So, early on, Chambers' scenes were added into the show digitally. And thank goodness they wrote him in or else Meredith would be the only one left!

3. Bailey Could Have Been Entirely Different


Yes, the Bailey, played by Chandra Wilson, that we have come to know and love could have been incredibly different! First of all, Bailey's character description was a "tiny blonde with curls." Say what? To top it off, Sandra Oh originally auditioned for Bailey's part! Talk about crazy! We're very happy that both women got their respective parts!

4. So Could Have McDreamy


Rob Lowe, also known as Chris Traeger in Parks and Recreation, was originally offered the role of Derek Shepherd. But, he ended up turning it down to star in the CBS show Dr. Vegas. Thank goodness, though! Lowe might have been hilarious in Parks and Rec, but Patrick Dempsey IS McDreamy!

5. AND Arizona Robbins

Grey's Anatomy via Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Jessica Capshaw, who now plays the beloved Arizona Robbins, has auditioned for Grey's Anatomy three times for three different roles! First, she auditioned for Nurse Rose, then for Sadie Harris, and then finally for Arizona. Wow did that dedication pay off! And we're pretty happy too, considering we couldn't have picked a better defender of the tiny humans!

6. You Could Send In A Medical Storyline

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

The writers do A LOT of research when it comes to the medical storylines of Grey's Anatomy. A lot of the time, they will read a bunch of medical journals OR even stories that viewers have sent in that they find interesting. What're you waiting for?!

7. The Musical Episode Took More Effort Than We Thought


The musical episode was a lot of things, but we only got to see the final product. Shonda Rhimes, Chandra Wilson (Bailey), Sara Ramirez (Callie), and Kevin McKidd (Owen) all put on a concert for ABC producers to convince them that the musical should be done. Then, in order to get Callie to sing over her injured body, a double was used, and post production digitally mapped her face to the body. Intense stuff!

8. Grey's Had Interesting Ways Of Writing In Real-Life Pregnancies


A lot of television shows have found creative ways to hide an actor's pregnancy. Grey's is no different. When Meredith donated a liver to her father and was then forced to stay in bed with little screentime? Ellen was pregnant! Then Arizona went to Africa for a while because Jessica gave birth to her daughter. And remember when Lexie was all stressed out over Mark and Derek and started binge eating? The writers were poking fun and trying to hide Chyler's pregnancy.

9. Henry Burton and Eliza Minnick Are Married In Real Life


WELP. It looks like you're going to have to either hate Henry or love Minnick now! Just kidding! But, it's always interesting when you find out about real life couples that have starred in the same show. Scott Foley (Henry) and Minnick (Marika Dominczyk) were married in 2007 and have three children! You know what other Grey's characters are married IRL? Denny Duquette and Lauren Boswell (aka the woman who Arizona slept with when she was still married). What??

10. Meredith Grey Is (Almost) In Every Episode Of Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Thanks to Ellen herself, we know what Meredith Grey has starred in every episode so far (at least, we think so). That's still a lot of work, considering the show has been going on for 13 seasons and counting! (Derek used to hold the record, too, until his death in Season 11. But, that is an ugly reality that no one needs to talk about.)

Correction: Meredith no longer holds a perfect record for being in every episode of Grey's. However, she's still in most of them (292/293 isn't too shabby) and we're still impressed! Keep on kicking ass, Ellen!

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