14 Reasons Why We're Afraid Of The Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Premiere

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Are you ready for Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

Since the explosive Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale in May, we've been not-so-patiently waiting for Grey's Anatomy Season 14 to air, especially after we found out that the premiere starts where the finale left off. We're curious to see what Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and the rest of our favorite Grey Sloan Memorial doctors are up to, we're also pretty damn worried about what's coming in Grey's Anatomy Season 14. So, here's every reason we're afraid of Grey's Anatomy Season 14!

1. Megan Hunt's Return To Seattle


Megan Hunt is returning to Seattle and who knows what kind of drama she will bring when she wakes up. Official Season 14 photos show us that everyone is all smiles when she wakes up, but what's Megan deal now? Grey's Anatomy Season 14 spoilers suggest that she will bring chaos. We're afraid to see where her storyline goes.

2. How Meredith Grey Will React To Megan


After we found out Meredith Grey would have second thoughts about letting Riggs go to Megan in Grey's, we have become a bit concerned with what she'll do in Season 14. Will she go all dark and twisty again? We definitely hope not! But, if it's anything like Season 2, then we can count on it!

3. Shonda Rhimes Warns Fans To Be "Prepared" For The Premiere


YUP. Showrunner Shonda Rhimes warned Grey's fans to be prepared for the Grey's premiere, and you know what that means. Something big is about to happen in the Grey's universe. And we're so not prepared.

4. The Possibility That Jo Wilson's Husband Might Show Up


Ever since Matthew Morrison revealed that he would return to Grey's in Season 14, we've been absolutely terrified over his potential arrival. Although we don't know if he's actually coming back in the premiere, the anticipation is killing us and will continue to do so until he does.

5. Amelia Shepherd And Owen Hunt's Relationship Status

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Oh, Amelia and Owen. They've been a mess ever since they started, and will probably continue to be one in Season 14. We're just afraid that Megan's arrival may affect their relationship. And the unpredictability is just nervewracking.

6. How Grey Sloan Will Recover From The Fire Explosion


Since we know that the firefighters from the Grey's Anatomy spinoff will be revealed in Season 14, we're wondering if this means that we'll see yet another fire break out at Grey Sloan Memorial. Or perhaps another disaster will strike. Whatever it is, we're scared.

7. The New Interns At Grey Sloan Memorial


Recently, Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey) revealed that Grey's is getting a batch of new interns. And to be honest, we're equal parts excited and nervous about what disastrous adventures they get into this season.

8. The Arrival Of Andrew DeLuca's Sister


Considering DeLuca is not happy about his sister's return, neither are we. Carina DeLuca is confirmed to show in the second part of the Season 14 premiere, and she's going to make some major revelations. But, what are they?? We'll just have to wait and see.

9. Is Arizona Robbins Going To Be Okay?

Source: ABC/Greys Anatomy

After finding out that none of Arizona's exes will be joining us for Season 14, we're feeling a little worried for Robbins. Who does she have on her side this season, especially after her falling out with Webber?

10. Jo Wilson And Alex Karev's Relationship Status


JoLex is yet another relationship we're unsure about in Season 14. We're afraid for Jo's husband to show, sure. But, we're also worried about what will happen between these two after having almost no screentime in Season 13.

11. Will Stephanie Edwards Die


So we know that Stephanie Edwards quit in the Season 14 finale. However, we also know that Season 14 will begin where Season 13 left off. That means Edwards should still be recovering at the hospital. Will we get to see Steph say goodbye to everyone? Or will she be going in a body bag?

12. And Will Someone Else Die In The Premiere?


But, let's not forget that none of the doctors are safe in Shondaland. As soon as we think someone is safe, someone else dies.

13. Jackson Avery And Maggie Pierce Might Get Together


Do I really need to say more? No other love triangle is as polarizing as this one. And to be honest, we don't want to see #Jaggie happen. All parties deserve better.

14. How The Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Premiere Will End

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Recently, Entertainment Weekly revealed that we would get some "shocking news" at the end of the premiere. That alone is enough to send any Grey's fan into a panic.

What do you think is going to happen in the Grey's Anatomy Season premiere? Are you ready?*

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 returns to ABC on September 28 at 8|7c!

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