Black Panther Soundtrack Release Date | 2018

Black panther soundtrack release date 2018
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Dying to know when the Black Panther soundtrack release date is? Details inside!

Black Panther Soundtrack Release Date | 2018

Dying to get your hands on everything related to Black Panther? We don't blame you. From the first reactions to the film, we expect Black Panther to be a hit. But, with the premiere this past Monday, fans are left wondering when is the Black Panther soundtrack release date? Who will be on the soundtrack? Beyonce, perhaps? We've got the details on the Black Panther soundtrack release date! So don't go anywhere.


When Is The Black Panther Soundtrack Release Date?

While the Black Panther premiere was released on Monday, fans were left wondering when the soundtrack would be dropped. So, when does the Black Panther sountrack come out? With the film coming out on February 16th, the soundtrack has to be out soon, right? After all, a selected few have already been graced with the music throughout the movie itself.

A quick look at Amazon shows us that the Black Panther soundtrack is expected to be released on February 9, 2018. You can purchase the album here. However, with the song titles kept under wraps and no official word as to when the album will come out, we can't give you an exact answer. But, you can expect a release on that date. Hopefully. Stay tuned.

Update: Kendrick Lamar recently revealed the full tracklist of the Black Panther soundtrack as well as its release date. So, when does the epic new soundtrack come out? February 9th, as expected.


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