BTS Released BT21 Skincare for Acne – Here's What You Need to Know

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Ready to have perfect skin at the hands of the Bangtan Boys?

BTS Drops BT21 Skincare Products for Acne

Attention members of ARMY! BTS has teamed up with Korean beauty brand TN to launch their BT21 skincare line for acne – and yes, we are excited.

In 2017, BTS stunned American audiences at the American Music Awards, broadening their fanbase – and merchandise. That same year, BTS launched BT21, a collaboration with LINE Friends that had the boys create cartoon avatars of themselves – and one for ARMY. As a fan, you can buy thousands of merch items with Tata (Kim Taehyung), RJ (Kim Seokjin), Chimmy (Park Jimin), Cooky (Jeon Jungkook), Shooky (Min Yoongi), Mang (Jung Hoseok), Koya (Kim Manjoon), and Van (members of ARMY), from shirts to even face masks.

Now according to a press release from TN, BTS has launched an AC Control line for anyone with sensitive and oily skin. And yes, you're probably going to love it.

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According to Allure, the BT21 skincare line will include three basic products: Bubble Cleansing Foam, Daily Clearing Toner, and Daily Moisture Lotion. Each step is specially formulated to get rid of acne blemishes and every bottle will be decorated by least two BT21 avatars that are perfect for the 'Gram.

While the BT21 x TN collaboration currently has three products in its acne-fighting arsenal, it appears that there is talk for more. Allkpop revealed that a representative of Yuhan Kimberly states that the company also planned to "launch mask packs, spot matches, moisturizers, mists, cleansers, and more with the BT21 characters."

As of now, you can purchase the three-step BT21 line in Korea for 18,500 KRW ($16 USD). Unfortunately, a US release has yet to be confirmed.

If you are in the US and you're interested in purchasing BT21 skincare products, don't fret! While we wait for the release of the BT21 x TN AC Control collaboration, you can check out previous beauty products featuring your favorite K-Pop group.

Previously, BT21 released Face Point Masks with Mediheal and a makeup line with VT Cosmetics.

So, happy shopping!

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