Cloudless Skin Trend: The Meaning Behind this Korean-Beauty Routine

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What you need to know about the Korean cloudless skin trend!

Everything You Need to Know About the Cloudless Skin Trend

New Korean skincare trends seem to come out of the woodwork at least once every year. A clever way for K-beauty companies to entice the public into purchasing new products? Likely. However, the cloudless skin trend that seems to have taken over the internet in 2018 has caught our attention. And it's not just because of the flawless skin we're so desperately trying to achieve.

So, what is cloudless skin and how is it different from the ever-so-famous glass skin trend? We've got everything you need to know about the trend, from the real meaning of having cloudless skin to how you can get it yourself.

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What is Cloudless Skin?

Much like honey and glass skin, cloudless skin is basically perfect skin, where your face appears to be poreless, radiant, and even textured. However, having cloudless skin is more than just having the perfect skin.

Cloudless Skin vs Glass Skin

While glass skin is very much a skincare trend, where the person has translucent looking skin and is done with the perfect moisturizing routine. So, glass skin = hydration, hydration, and did I mention hydration?

On the other hand, cloudless skin is less of a trend and more like a lifestyle goal. To achieve the cloudless skin look, you get great skin through your regimine and your health, both physically and mentally. According to Allure the idea is that you exude a "healthy aura" that is reflected in the quality of your skin.

And honestly, it's harder than it looks, especially if you're a functioning (or not-so functioning - we don't judge) adult in today's society.

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  • Get plenty of sleep. Your skin repairs your skin when you sleep.
  • Remember to eat your vegetables, particularly if they're considered dark leafy greens.
  • Reduce your intake of sugar since it typically leads to skin inflammation.
  • Wear SPF to protect skin from any sun damage.
  • Don't forget to exercise the basic "musts" of good skin care, such as double cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating your skin!

Need more help when it comes to achieving the perfect cloudless skin? Check out this video:

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