Is Cole Sprouse Leaving Riverdale with Jughead's Death?

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Is Cole Sprouse Leaving Riverdale With Jughead's Death?

Calling all Riverdale fans! What happened on this week's episode of Riverdale, entitled "Judgement Day"? We're dying here. And that's not just because Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) might leave us in a body bag in the season finale, which is called "Brave New World". So, is Cole Sprouse leaving Riverdale with Jughead's death? We have some major spoilers on the Riverdale season 2 finale. And they're not for the faint of heart.

For those of you who don't remember or didn't watch, here's the recap of what happened in the May 9th episode of Riverdale. Basically, it comes down to Jughead's constant need to be the superhero. Stupid. But, in order to stop an all-out war between the Ghoulies and the South Side Serpents, Jughead went straight to Penny Peabody (Brit Morgan). Unfortunately, this meant that Jughead was horrifically beaten up by the Ghoulies and left for dead. Jughead's lifeless body was then carried out of the woods by FP (Skeet Ulrich).

And that was the end of the episode. Cue the screaming. But, what does this mean for Jughead? Is he dead? Will he survive this attack? Will the CW hit really kill off one of its main characters? The narrator of the show?

Whether you like it or not, we've got details on whether or not Jughead makes it out alive on Riverdale, including a teaser by Sprouse himself. Fun, right?

Anything you read beyond this point is a potential spoiler for the season two finale of Riverdale. You have been warned.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 22: "Brave New World" Trailer

Before we get down in the nitty-gritty part of the season finale, here's a teaser of what's to come in the episode's trailer. Watch it down below. But, this is looking pretty grim. And that's not just the fluorescent lighting.

The promo trailer for the May 16th episode makes us afraid that Jughead will die. However, you know Riverdale. Everything isn't as it seems. Need an example? The janitor being the Black Hood was just a red herring. The actual Black Hood was revealed to be to be Betty's (Lili Reinhart) dad, Hal (Lochlyn Munro).

Regardless, it looks like we're going to have to expect something big. But, will Riverdale go full-on Game of Thrones by killing off one of its leads?

Well, it looks like actor Cole Sprouse has some answers. Is he trolling fans? Who knows. Here's what we know.

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Cole Sprouse On Jughead's "Exit" in "Judgement Day"

So, is Sprouse leaving? Will he survive to season 3? Almost immediately after the episode aired on the West Coast, Sprouse tweeted something that made fans go nuts. And yes, we're a little worried.

The star Tweeted, "Grateful, thank you #riverdale."

Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean?

Sprouse has expressed in the past that he will be leaving Riverdale and acting once it stops feeling fulfilling, but has that day come? We certainly hope not. But, who knows?

Sprouse might have also hinted his character's death earlier this winter.

So, is this the end? While Sprouse's Tweet could potentially be his way of saying goodbye to fans, Twitter thinks that the CW star is simply trolling fans.

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Fans On Jughead's Possible Death

Riverdale have been going crazy since Wednesday, trying to determine whether or not Cole is exiting the show this season. While half are in shock, the other half has been doing some Riverdale-style sleuthing of their own, and they're convinced that Jughead isn't dead.

In one Tweet, a fan realized that Jughead might have been in the trailer for next week's episode, comparing the hands and jacket from the person that gives Cheryl her Serpent jacket to Jughead.

Another fan pointed out that Jughead might be seen standing behind Cheryl and Toni in a clip from the trailer. The magic of editing.

And finally, a sneaky fan gathered evidence from behind-the-scenes cast photos that showed Sprouse on the last day of filming.

However, Jughead isn't out of the woods yet. Many fans have pointed out that Jughead's gravestone is clearly marked in next week's trailer.

So, what's happening, Riverdale fans? We're predicting a dream sequence coming soon. But, what's real and what isn't?

There's one more piece of the puzzle that we would like to add. Are you ready for this?

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Synopsis For Riverdale Season 2 Finale

Everything regarding Jughead's survival is up in the air right now. However, we feel like the signs are pointing towards life. We think that Jughead's gravestone will be part of a dream sequence, and he will heal up for the finale. Not convinced? Don't worry. Fan theories are one thing. So, let's take a look at the official Riverdale season 2 finale synopsis, courtesy of TV Guide:

With Fred trailing in the polls, Archie steps in to lend a hand in his dad's mayoral campaign. Veronica stays one step ahead after uncovering Hiram's latest scheme. Elsewhere, Cheryl finalizes her emancipation from her mother, while FP makes a surprising announcement to Jughead and the Serpents. Finally, Betty confronts her darkest demons.

Did you catch that? FP announces something to Jughead in the synopsis, which doesn't even mention Jughead's potential dance with death. It seems like he'll be fine. But, we're going to have to wait and see! Tune in this week to the season finale.

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Let us know what you think will happen to Jughead.

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