5 Best Divorce Podcasts to Get You Through It All in 2018

best divorce podcasts 2018
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Need some support in your divorce? Check out these podcasts.

All the Best Divorce Podcasts of 2018

Divorce can be tricky, no matter what your situation. It can take a toll on your mental health and can even feel a isolating at times. If you're seeking for some guidance or even support from unexpected places, then you'll want to hear these divorce podcasts. And trust us when we tell you that you'll get more out of it than you expect.

From a neverending abundance of resources to a safe space that feels like an afternoon out chatting with your closest friends, here are the best divorce podcasts of 2018.

1. Surviving Divorce Podcast

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For a great divorce podcast that covers it all, from grief to your career, there's Surviving Divorce. Hosted by life-coach G.D. Lengacher, this podcast manages to calm the fears of listeners by answering anything and everything you might be wondering about when it comes to divorce.

2. Divorce and Your Money

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If you're worried about finances in your divorce, give Divorce and Your Money a listen. Host Shawn Leamon gives his listeners straightforward answers and tips on how to protect themselves financially through a divorce. And yes, we absolutely think it's a must-listen.

3. Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle

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Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle tackles more than just the topic of divorce. Because as people, one thing that happens to us does not define us. And that's exactly what this podcast aims to show you. Created by Worthy Living, this podcast helps you celebrate your new start through interviews with experts on dating, parenting, and career.

4. Divorce Talk With Nicola Beer

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In Divorce Talk International Relationship and Divorce coach, Nicola Beer focuses on giving advice to professionals who want to change their lives and relationships for the better, whether that's their marriage or a new life after a divorce. Beer creates an open and positive floor for her listeners to truly act and improve their lives.

5. The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

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If you're tired of robotic divorce podcasts, then you need to listen to The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast. Host Katy Anthony takes "real talk" to a new level, opening up conversations on divorce that will make you really think and help you along the way.

6. Doing Divorce Right

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If you have kids and you need a little bit of help trying to keep your divorce amicable and happy for all parties, then you should listen to Doing Divorce Right. Host Jennifer Hurvitz gives her listeners tips on co-parenting, dating, and ultimately, how to have a healthy divorce. Because the kids come first.

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