Is Meredith Grey Moving On From McDreamy? We're Certainly Not!

Is Mer finally letting go of Derek?

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Stop reading here if you haven't seen "In The Air Tonight" yet!

Meredith has certainly been through a lot, and she deserves to be happy! But it looks like Grey's is headed in a direction that kills the little MerDer fan inside all of us. On Thursday night's episode, Meredith faced her fears head on in #GreysOnAPlane!

In this episode, the Meredith/Riggs/Maggie love triangle finally progresses. Meredith boarded a flight to a medical conference. Innocent enough. But after a series of unforeseen events (or was it fate?), she was seated in the same row (and headed to the same conference) with her are-they/aren't-they bae, Nathan Riggs.

While Meredith is annoyed, Riggs is clearly excited to possibly share the next few days together. Then, the couple complicates their relationship even further when they joined the mile-high club by having sex in the bathroom of the plane, despite Meredith's clearly states that she doesn't want to be with him. (Not a good look, Riggs!)

After their quickie, Meredith told Riggs that "whatever happened back there, changes nothing." Ouch, but what did he expect? But once seated, the plane hit massive amounts of turbulence, which caused onboard injuries that only Mer and Riggs could heal.

However, this inspired the pair to share that they've both had bad experiences with plane crashes. However, Riggs' experience was pale in comparison to the infamous season eight finale that took her "kid sister" Lexie's life, Arizona's leg, and later on, Mark's life too.

When taking a break from the medical emergencies on the flight, Meredith confessed:

Us, too, Mer. But, Riggs then comes in to explain that this might be why Meredith is so protective over her other half-sister, Maggie Pierce.

"You want to protect her. All the self-sacrifice, you don't want to lose this one, too," He said.

Then, Riggs asked why Mer was so hesitant when it came to being with him. She only managed to say "I'm married" before their in-flight patient vomited and started seizing.

After Meredith and Riggs managed to pull out some crazy MacGyver moves to save their patient and the plane landed in Sioux Falls, the pair finally made steps towards defining their relationship once and for all:

In the video, Meredith told Riggs that she wasn't scared of him. She is prioritizing her sister, Maggie. However, Riggs couldn't take no for an answer and continued to be persistent. He said:

Cue the waterworks. A montage of 13 seasons worth of epic MerDer moments passes by as Meredith considers taking a chance on Riggs.

"It better be a nice hotel," she responds, smiling. It definitely seems like she's ready to move on!

How do you feel about this match?

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