Is KJ Apa Leaving Riverdale With Archie's Death?

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Is KJ Apa Leaving Riverdale With Archie's Death?

It's been a wild ride, hasn't it Riverdale fans? Season 2 has been anything but disappointing, and we're dying to see Wednesday night's finale on May 16th. While fans have been worrying about the life of Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse), we're a little anxious about our second favorite redhead, Archie Andrews (KJ Apa). Is KJ Apa leaving Riverdale with Archie's death? Will Archie survive to see season 3? These are the questions that are haunting us at night.

If you missed out on the May 9th episode of the hit CW show, you will have to catch up on what happened through the CW or through Amazon or iTunes. But, if you don't care about spoilers for last week's episode or the season 2 finale on May 16th, then keep reading. You have been warned. This is not a spoiler free post.

Last we left the Riverdale gang in the episode entitled "Judgement Night," Archie was out for the blood of the Black Hood. While we now know him to be Betty Cooper's (Lili Reinhart) dad, there is another Black Hood running through the town, and it looks like he's after Fred (Luke Perry). Our bet is that Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) is behind this one. However, Archie went to Hiram so that they could get rid of the Black Hood once and for all.

Meanwhile, Jughead volunteered as a "sacrificial lamb" to stop a war between the Serpents and the Ghoulies. We watched as the Ghoulies beat Jughead to the pulp, only to have FP (Skeet Ulrich) find his lifeless body. Fans screaming all over social media, frantic about the possible loss for their favorite beanie-wearing character. So, why are we scared for Archie when he seemed to be fine in the last episode? What happens to Archie in the season 2 finale on May 16th?

First of all, as a Riverdale fan, no one is safe. Second, we have proof that you should be a little worried about Archie in the season 2 finale, directly from the cast.

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Jughead's Life Is In Danger. But Will Archie Die?

First, we need to dive into what happens on the finale of Riverdale. Will Archie leave? Luckily, the CW delivered an incredible trailer that has left us guessing.

In the promo, we know a few things. One that concerns us is the gang visits the grave of Jughead. While we're sure this is a dream sequence or something of the sort, and we hope that Jughead will (hopefully) be fine, there aren't a lot of clues that something bad will happen to Archie. In fact, it looks like Archie will be causing trouble for someone else. That person being the Black Hood.

However, the Riverdale crew is sneaky when it comes to their plot twists. Sure, they leave breadcrumbs, but there are a dozen red herrings that have us second guessing everything.

So, what makes us worried about Archie's survival?

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Riverdale Cast On Archie In The Season 2 Finale

It looks like tragedy will strike once again in the season 2 finale of Riverdale. The cast revealed some gruesome details on the finale to TV Line. Hold onto your hats. We're not sure you're going to like this one.

"It's a tragedy, really, what happens," Apa said. "I think the last episode, if I were to describe it in one way, it would be tragic — for one person in particular in the show, but for everyone, ultimately."

Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge) also revealed that we should be a little worried about Archie's involvement with Hiram.

"It's the lead-up from everything that's been happening between Archie and Hiram, their relationship," Mendes told TV Line. "I think we're going to be worried about Archie's fate."

But, the worry doesn't stop there. In an interview with Glamour, Lili Reinhart made it clear that we should be worried for archie.

"I'm not going to say anything," Reinhart teased. "But the Andrews men have it rough when it comes to season finales is what I'll say."

What is that supposed to mean? If you don't remember, Fred was shot by the Black Hood in the season 1 finale. So, does that mean something will happen to Archie that might cost him his life? We're definitely scared for tonight's finale now.

Honestly, it looking like Jughead's storyline is keeping us from realizing how much danger Archie is in. But, what will happen to him? Will the Black Hood shoot Archie? Will Hiram have something to do with it? Or perhaps Fred is in danger again?

So, now we'll leave you with the trailer, and you can see for yourselves.

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