7 Insane Korean Celebrity Skincare Secrets You Need to Try Right Now

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Check out these amazing skincare hacks and tips from Korean celebrities with perfect skin!

Korean Celebrities Share Their Skincare Secrets

Want clear, poreless, and dewy-looking "glass skin"? A Korean skincare routine might be the way to go. Not ready to commit to the full 10 steps just yet? Don't worry. You can still kick up your skincare game just a smidge. Just check out some of these fun Korean skincare celebrity secrets. Who knows? You might even add it to your daily routine.

1. Use Face Masks Every Day

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Park Shin Hye is a firm believer in treating herself when it comes to her skin. To keep her skin hydrated and dewy, the Doctors actress revealed that she uses face masks every day. Now, that's some serious dedication right there.

2. Take Care of Your Pores Before & After Masking

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Running Man's Yoon Eun Hye has a few helpful tips before and after using face masks. To prep for her masks, she places a warm towel over her face to gently exfoliate her skin. Once she removes the mask, the Korean celeb soaks cotton pads in toner and massages them into her skin to minimize her pores. And remember, a gentle hand is always the way to go.

3. Make Sure to Double Cleanse

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Model and actress Lee Sa-Bi shared some of her skincare secrets, revealing that she uses the double cleansing method without fail. In fact, she says that using an oil cleanser is a mandatory step in her routine. Just make sure to follow up with a water-based cleanser after rinsing off the oil-based one!

4. Wash Your Face with Milk

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If you love Descendants of the Sun, you'll definitely get excited about this one. Turns out actor Song Joong-Ki's perfect skin comes from washing his face with...milk. Sure, this might sound a little bit strange, but the milk supposedly removes oil-soluble impurities and dead skin cells. However, if you have acne-prone skin, you might want to sit this one out.

5. The 424 Method

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In an interview with Get It Beauty, Bae Suzy from the Korean-Pop group, Miss A, revealed that she uses the '424' method to wash her face, which consists of 4 minutes of oil cleansing, 2 minutes of a water-based cleanser, and 4 minutes of rinsing thoroughly with water.

6. Salt to Treat Acne

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In her beauty book, "Go Hyung-Jung's Texture," actress Go Hyung-Jung gave her fans a wealth of knowledge when it came to skincare. In the book, she tells her readers that she treats breakouts by washing the affected areas with salt and lukewarm water. This will sanitize and prevent the acne from getting worse.

7. Rinse Your Face with Green Tea


Korean makeup artist and Youtuber, Pony, let her fans in on her nighttime skin care routine, where she revealed she rinses her face with green tea water after cleansing. To do this, Pony mixes a spoonful of green tea powder into warm water. Then proceeds to splash her face with the mixture. She claims that the green tea detoxes the skin.