What Is The Name Of The New Royal Baby? (UPDATED)

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What Is The Name Of The New Royal Baby? Kate And William's New Baby Boy Is...

At 11:01 AM on Monday, April 23, the British royal family welcomed Kate Middleton and Prince William's new baby boy. But, much like our curiosity for "American royalty" baby names, everyone around the world has been wondering what the name of the new royal baby will be. We're all dying to find out. While we know that the fate is in the stars, and by stars, we mean the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, we'd all like to think that we had some part in what baby #3 will be called. So, what did Kate name her baby? Here's everything we know so far! And yes, we will update with details as they come. Don't you worry about a thing.

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Full Name Of Royal Baby #3

Update: The new royal baby's name is Louis Arthur Charles

Sadly, we don't know what the name of Prince William or Kate's baby boy just yet. However, we're hoping to hear back soon. If history is anything to go by, then we will likely know the name of the new royal baby on Wednesday. William and Kate announced the names of both George and Charlotte two days after they were born. So, if they choose to do the same with baby #3, we will know soon!

Even William knows how highly anticipated his baby boy's name is to the world. People reported that when asked about the name of his newborn, William teased, "You'll find out soon enough."

So, what are some solid baby name contenders? Check out these possible names!

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Predictions For Royal Baby #3


The predictions are in! And an overwhelming number of people on Ladbrokes, a British betting company, believe that the royal couple will name baby #3 'Arthur'. Why? The name comes from part of Prince William's name, which is William Arthur Philip Louis, as well as the Queen's father, which is Albert Frederick Arthur George.


Another popular name on Ladbrokes is 'Philip', which would honor both William and his grandfather and husband to the Queen, Prince Philip.

Place your bets! What will this new royal be called?