Netflix’s ‘Because You Watched’ Exhibit Slays The ‘Gram

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in the first episode of Stranger Things wearing a yellow oversized T-shirt
Stranger Things via Netflix

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Remember when we all thought that Netflix was a crazy idea? The early 2000s weren't just there for Britney and Justin's all-denim outfits. We experienced the fall of Blockbuster video and Netflix's sudden rise to the top. Today, Netflix is one of our favorite online streaming platforms, equaling all cable subscriptions combined. Still don't believe in the power of the subscription service? Netflix just threw a free event called 'Because You Watched' for fans of their content to showcase their original series. Yes. Netflix's 'Because You Watched' exhibit allowed fans to immerse themselves into backdrops of their favorite shows. For free.

The sold-out event took place in Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles and described the a new exhibit as a "limited two-day experience where guests can step into visual installations based on some of their favorite Netflix originals, including Stranger Things, The Crown, Mindhunter, GLOW, Ozark and more."

The release added that the event would help guests "discover their next binge based on the shows they love" and then take home a piece of free Netflix swag. A deal I know we can all get with.

But, it was the picturesque nature of the exhibit that was the most intriguing. Like the Museum of Ice Cream pop up, the event was an Instagrammer's dream. From a Sense8 photobooth to a spectacular glimpse of the Upside Down in Stranger Things, it was clear that it was Netflix's world. And we were just living in it.

As we went each segment of the event, I continuously asked what was in it for them. Netflix seemingly lost thousands of dollars to put on a free event for one weekend only. While it's entirely possible that the streaming platform just wanted some good press for its already golden record, my coworker, Ashley, pointed out that this was for the fans.

Netflix threw a small celebration in Los Angeles to show their fans how much they appreciate their devotion to the streaming platform and allowing them to create Netflix Originals that soon became our favorite shows of all time. We watched and "helped" curate Netflix into what it is today.

Or this is all part of some greater scheme to create an even bigger Netflix museum down the line to make millions. You take your pick.

Jokes aside, Netflix's rise to fame has been quite the journey. So, thank you for having us, Netflix. It's been a wild ride.

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