What Does It Mean When You Dream About Having Kids? An Expert Weighs In

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Dream expert Stase Michaels talks about what it means when you dream about having children.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Having Children?

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If you're like me, dreaming about children can often lead to panic. Whether you dream about having a lot of children of your own or if you dream about someone else having a kid, the images your brain produces while you sleep can often scare you into thinking there's some kind of predetermined prophecy in your near future. So, what does it mean when you dream about having kids

We spoke with Stase Michaels, an author with an impressive resume when it comes to books on dreams, including A Little Bit of Dreams and Nightmares: The Dark Side of Dreams and Dreaming. Today, Michaels helps us to truly understand what dreams about having children could say about your life.

A Little About Dream Interpretation


Before we dive headfirst into the dream analysis, know that each dream and interpretation is unique.

"Because a dream is about you, there is no 'one-fits-all' answer about what a dream means that's true for everyone," Michaels said. "However –an easy five step technique shows how to get the true answer to your unique dream! For example, two people have a dream about a dog. One has a dog as a pet so the puppy is a symbol of friendship and the dream is about friendship and loyalty. The other dreamer was bitten by a dog as a child and is afraid of dogs. To her, a dog is a symbol of fear, dread, and pain, so the dream is about something that scares her." 

So, make sure to keep an open mind and understand that while you can analyze what a dream means, it will be different for everyone depending on their experiences and emotions.

Dreams About Having Children

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In general, dreams about having children shouldn't be scary. According to Michaels, "as a dream symbol, a child is something precious, wonderful, and lovable, but at the same time, children need long-term care, love, and attention. So aside from ESP dreams of new mothers about the children and souls who will come their way – having children can be a message about a new responsibility, idea or project that is heading your way."

Though, Michaels reminds us that it's the overall story that tells you how things might end up in your life.

"Having a child who grows very quickly tells you that the idea, new business venture, or project will grow rapidly," Michaels said. "If the child is extremely talented, it cites special qualities to look for, and may hint that fame and success may come, in due time."

However, the general symbol does not apply to everyone, as the dreamer could interpret it in an entirely different way than their best friend at the time.

"A child can also speak to the dreamer's emotions, traits, and talents," Michaels said. "An adult who had a miserable childhood who dreams of a lovely, happy child who is having a good time at the playground may be reaching to explore their own 'inner child' that never had a chance to come out and play. Dreaming of a child who has a temper tantrum can suggest the dreamer's anger is out of control and that the dreamer is behaving like a spoiled child. Watching a child at play with colors or artwork can suggest artistic talents the dreamer should explore. What the child does or says is often a message about the dreamer."

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Dreams About Having Many Kids

Now, what happens if there are multiple children? Can the interpretation change if you dream about having a lot of kids?

Actually, yes. However, it depends more on what's going on in the entire dream rather than how many kids you have in your dream.

According to Michaels, If you're feeling positive about a dream where you have multiple children, this could relate to well-handled creativity, ideas, or responsibilities that the dreamers may have in their life.

Also, if the children are focused and engaged in activities that they enjoy, the dream may symbolize the dreamer's own activities or even "be a hint that the dreamer needs to socialize more and get involved in groups they enjoy."

On the other hand, if the dream is negative, then it could mean something else entirely.

"If the children are in disarray, unhappy or unhealthy, it can speak to what the dreamer is neglecting in life, in responsibilities or their own needs," Michaels said. "What the children look like or are doing can be clues about the message. If the children are wild and out of control, it can speak to the dreamer's scattered energies or priorities. If the children are starving or overeating, it can relate to the dreamer's eating habits, suggesting balance is needed in some way."

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Dreams of Having Children When You Don't Want Kids

When you don't want to have children, having dreams about having kids can be a little more than a little disturbing. Totally, 100%, not speaking from personal experience. 

However, we have some good news. It doesn't necessarily mean that you're pregnant or that you should have kids. In fact, it might not have anything to do with children at all.

"Dreams mirror how you experience life and what's around you. And because a child needs care, children in dreams can also be metaphors about duties and responsibilities, or unexpected burdens that are about to find their way to your doorstep," Michaels said. "For someone in a leadership position or who has a serious personality, having children or taking care of them can say: 'Many around me need my attention and care,' or may say, 'Those around me act childish immature.' If someone doesn't like kids, children in dreams can be a metaphor about distractions or being required to handle something they don't like."

Dreams About Being Pregnant

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There's having dreams about having kids and then there's having dreams about being pregnant. In general, Michaels says that being pregnant could be a metaphor about "something wonderful that is taking shape and coming together."

However, as we've mentioned before, the dream depends on you.

A New Bride Dreams of Being Pregnant  

It's possible that you could be having an ESP dream about having a child. That means that you dream about something that is currently unknown to be true.

According to Michaels, "Mystics say you pre-dream everything important that happens to you. In fact, mothers often pre-dream what their newborn will look like as well as their personality traits and talents."   

A Man, Single Woman, or Someone Who Already Has a Family Dreams of Being Pregnant

As a man, single woman, or even someone who already has a family of your own, if you dream about being pregnant, this could mean that something new is on the horizon.

"The dream can speak about a creative streak that's coming together or can be a heads up about an idea, a project, or a new responsibility that will require your time and attention, just like a child would," Michaels said.

Dreams About Giving Birth

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In general, giving birth in dreams may suggest that a start of something new is coming. However, you should know that it doesn't always mean that new beginning is about an actual child. 

"Birth can also indicate the beginning of a long-term project or responsibility," Michaels said. "If the birth feels good, it heralds the start of a positive new project, talent, or idea that's been brewing for a long time and finally comes to pass. If the birth is sudden and unexpected, it hints things will happen quickly and spontaneously. If the birth feels scary or makes you sad, the dream can be a heads up about the beginning of something challenging that will need your attention such as an illness in the family, a difficult job, or other obstacles in life that you will need to handle."

The Bottom Line


Overall, it seems that children in dreams generally symbolize something new, whether that means creativity, new ideas, or responsibilities. Kids can also tell you about how you're really feeling and what's going on in your life. 

However, you need to make sure that you examine the whole dream rather than individual pieces. As Michaels said, "in the end – the overall story is key – it tells you which is which."

Want something a little more specific? Stase Michaels provided us with a few example dreams and their meanings. Check them out below!

Giving Birth

The Dream:

I was walking around very heavily pregnant and all of a sudden I start to go into labor early in the evening. But it wasn't until around 5 a.m. that I actually had a baby girl and the only person there was my Mum. On the day of her birth she starting growing rapidly. I went to pick her up, she was very long and her bones were sticking out quite a bit. Then she started to talk.

What the Dream Means:

It's a story about launching something new faster than expected, yet taking a while to actually launch, with a loved one there to help and support you. What emerges grows much faster than expected, in surprising ways. Having a child is often a symbol of a new project. If you have something in mind you want to do, or if something crosses your path as a new direction, the dream says it will be successful and happen fast. Just go with it and let it all "emerge."

New Borns and Children At Play

The Dream:

I always dream of newborn babies and kids playing with me. I get this dream often. Is this a good or a bad sign?

What the Dream Means:

In general children and babies are often a metaphor of "something new and precious," and because you enjoy playing with them, it speaks of something you love and want to do. If you are trying to have a child and have not been successful, the dream is an encouragement that you can have children. Otherwise, it can be about "taking on a new long-term responsibility or project" that brings happiness. Playing with children can also be a metaphor for your creativity. The dream may invite you to let go and be playful, which unlocks your creative side. Since dreams are about you, the dreamer, only you can know which track feels right.

I Want to Help the New Baby

The Dream:

I had a dream last night that I was helping a baby give birth to another baby!!! It was so real I even saw it coming out and then I was holding the baby and started running through a shopping center, to get the baby some help. I was amazed the baby was so strong, yet I was anxious and worried. I wanted to get the baby some help.

What the Dream Means:

Babies are often symbols of "a wonderful new responsibility" or project. The dream suggests a responsibility or project will spawn an offshoot and both will require long term attention. It's a message about something new and wonderful about to cross your path, that is a consequence of what you're already engaged in. However, it does not say "when" that will happen. When a dream is a hint about what will happen, it can be soon or months or years later. What it does say is that your efforts will bear a lot of fruit.

Infant With Abilities Beyond Her Years

The Dream:

I dreamed my eight month old daughter greeted a lady, she said "Good morning" to the lady and asked what was her name. Lady she said her name, then my daughter asked me, "What does her name mean?" and I explained it to her. The lady and I were surprised by this conversation. The lady said, "Such a young baby and she is speaking already. What you will do when she is a year old?" I said, "I don't know." The dream surprised me.

What the Dream Means:

Dreams about our children often tell us true information about their talents, abilities, and personalities. In this story, your daughter is "precocious" and has abilities far beyond her years. She is sociable and communicates well, showing she is very smart and curious. The dream is telling you your infant daughter is very intelligent and good with people. It hints you should make sure that she gets the best education possible. Keep in mind that smart children do best when they feel loved and happy, which can be your main focus. If you support her and love her, she can fulfill her amazing abilities.