What Is Amazon FreeTime Unlimited? (Free Trial)


What Is Amazon FreeTime Unlimited?

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited (not to be mistaken for Amazon Free Time Unlimited) is one of the newest applications to make streaming video easier for your entire family. So, what is Amazon FreeTime Unlimited? How much is it? Also, does Amazon offer any discount or free trials for the program? We've got all the details, plus a way to get FreeTime Unlimited for free!

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What Is Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

If you have kids, chances are, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is for you. So, what does it do and is Amazon FreeTime Unlimited worth it? Well, as Amazon describes it, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is full of kids stuff. No grownup stuff. What does this mean? Well, the application is just one of the perks of being part of the Amazon family.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited serves as an all-in-one subscription for kid-friendly content, which includes books, movies, television shows, education applications, and games. And yes, there are still parental controls so that you can choose what content your child sees. You can also set goals and time limits for how much content your child consumes.

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Amazon FreeTime Features

  • Trusted brands such as Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS, Amazon Originals for Kids, Sesame Street, and more!

  • Parental Controls included in Amazon Fire tablets, Kindle eReaders, Fire TV, and the downloadable app for all Android phones and tablets. Your child also can't make any in-app purchases without parental approval.

  • A color indicator that displays blue when the child is safe.

  • Time limits for all content, from gaming to video.

  • Smart filters that ensure that your kid is watching age-appropriate content.

  • The option to block access to games and video until after all educational goals are met.

  • Bedtime parental controls that shuts down FreeTime for the day.

  • Individuals profile to customize your child's content. Helpful if you have multiple children.

  • Ability to download content for when you don't have access to wifi.

  • Discover new content together. The Parent Dashboard allows you to discover new content to help you connect with your child.

  • A child-safe camera that allows kids to take pictures and add their own features. However, parents can view photos taken by their kids to auto-save in the Amazon Cloud Drive.

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How Much Is Amazon FreeTime Unlimited?

Wondering how much Amazon FreeTime Unlimited costs? Well, it depends on a number of factors. Here's the breakdown:

  • Monthly with Single Child: $4.99/mo

  • Monthly with Single Child for Prime Members: $2.99/mo

  • Monthly Family: $9.99/mo

  • Monthly Family for Prime Members: $6.99/mo

  • 1-Year Pre-Paid Plan: $119.00/yr (Saves $0.88)

  • 1-Year Pre-Paid Plan for Prime Members: $83.99/yr (Saves $0.11)

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Amazon FreeTime 30-Day Free Trial

Wondering if you can get a discount on Amazon FreeTime? Well, you technically can! You can get the first month of Amazon FreeTime for free! Feel free to take the time to fully explore the many options that the program gives you. If you don't like the service, then you can always stop at any time.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Free Trial Promo

How long does the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Trial Last? 30 days.

How to cancel Amazon FreeTime Unlimited? When you are on your Amazon FreeTime, go to Manage Content & Subscription. Enter your parental controls and password. Tap subscribe to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. Tap unsubscribe.

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