When Does Jane The Virgin Come Back | Season 5 Return


When Does Jane The Virgin Come Back? | Season 5 Return

Jane The Virgin season 4 ended on a shocking note. What else is new? We won't spoil anything for you, don't worry! Though, you really need to watch as soon as you can because it has fans dying to know when does Jane The Virgin come back for season 5? Did a certain somone come back? And what about Rafael (Justin Baldoni)? And not to mention Xo (Andrea Navedo)! Honestly! That cliffhanger was just cruel. Jane (Gina Rodriguez) certainly has it cut out for her when the series comes back!

So, when does season 5 of Jane The Virgin return to the CW? When does the final series premiere start in 2018? With the series wrapping up next year, we're expecting some crazy telenovela drama, filled with laughs and tears that we'll never forget!

Stay tuned and keep reading because this is going to be a bumpy ride. Here's everything we know about the Jane The Virgin season 5 release date!

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When Does Jane The Virgin Come Back?

The season four finale aired on April 20, 2018 on the CW. It has since been added to Netflix, so make sure you catch up there! However, when does the CW start airing new episodes of Jane again?

We're sad to announce that the CW has yet to announce the date for the Jane season 5 premiere start date. But, we're definitely hoping that the information is released soon to the public. Or at least begin filming. Season five cannot come soon enough!

Can't wait? When is the predicted premiere date?

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The CW

Jane The Virgin Season 5 Projected Premiere Date

While we don't have an official release date just yet. We can confirm that season four of Jane aired from October 13, 2017, to April 20, 2018. That means that we can probably expect to see season five starting this fall, along with a lot of other CW shows like Riverdale season 3 and Supernatural season 14.

But, be patient! We know that this is the last season of Jane we'll ever get. We want the writers to take their time with this one so that it'll be the best season yet!