When Does Vikings Season 5 Come Back | 2018 Midseason Return


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When Does Vikings Season 5 Come Back | 2018 Midseason Return

How has this season been so far, Vikings fans? From battles to the personal journies of our favorite characters (ahem Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick ) and Floki (Gustaf SkarsgÄrd), we know that we'll be living for the Vikings season 5 midseason finale. Sadly, this means that Vikings will stop airing new episodes on January 24. Vikings season 5 may be ending on the History Channel for some time soon, but you can still catch Vikings season 5 online. But, fans are left wondering: when does Vikings season 5 come back from its hiatus? When will Vikings return in 2018 with its midseason premiere?

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When Does Vikings Come Back?

We know that the midseason finale is on tonight, January 24, at 9|8c. But, when does The History Channel start airing new episodes of Vikings again? Sadly, it looks like History Channel hasn't announced the date for the second part of season 5 of Vikings. But, we're definitely hopeful that information will be released soon. Hopefully, they will announce the Vikings midseason premiere this week when the finale airs. But, don't you worry. Stay tuned with us. We'll let you know when Vikings returns to History Channel ASAP.

But, for those of you dying to know when Vikings season 5 returns, we bet that the second part of Vikings will start later summer or early fall 2018. Then, Vikings season 6 will start sometime in 2019.

So, for those of you who want to watch Vikings season 5 to catch up on what you've missed, here are a few options, from viewing reruns on television to watching the episodes online!

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Where To Watch Vikings Season 5 Episodes On TV

You'll be happy to hear that Vikings season 5 will premiere its midseason finale on the History Channel on Wednesday, January 24 at 9|8c. The History Channel has not revealed when it will start season 6 again. Luckily, you can still catch episodes of Vikings season 5 on the network, just not during its regular Wednesday time slow. For example, after the midseason premiere of Vikings, you can watch episodes 9 and 10 again on the History Channel the next day. However, it doesn't seem like a regular schedule. So, definitely check your local listings so that you can catch all the Vikings season 5 reruns when you can!

You can also choose to watch season 5 of Vikings live without cable through Hulu Live TV, which gives you access to live channels in your area and unlimited time with Hulu's streaming catalog. For more details on Hulu Live, click here.

We don't know whether or not The History Channel will air every rerun of Vikings season 5 before the season 5 midseason finale. You need to continue checking local listings. But, you also have plenty of other options of watching Vikings season 5 throughout the break. So, don't worry that the midseason premiere is coming in a few months! We've got you covered! That Vikings binge-watching monster within you will be satisfied, no problem!

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Where To Watch Vikings Season 5 Episodes Online

Dying to rewatch all of your favorite Vikings season 5 moments? Well, you have a few options for watching Vikings season 5 online.

To watch Vikings season 5 for free, you can only do so on The History Channel website. And it's free as long as you have cable. Just go to the Vikings website on History.com and check if the site has your favorite episodes! Sadly, you can't watch every season 5 episode right now. Like other streaming networks, you can only watch new episodes for a certain amount of time. You won't be able to watch anything past the 5 most recent episodes. So, the History Channel has marked which episodes are available to watch for free now, but they each have an expiration date listed.

Good news if you want to watch every episode of season 5. You can do so by buying Vikings season 5 part 1 on Amazon or iTunes. That will give you access to all of season 5, and you'll get to watch every episode whenever and whenever you like forever. Yes, you'll own the episode on Amazon, so you'll get to stream with no limits in terms of watching. Nice, right?