Who Won The Voice 2018? The Season 14 Winner Is...

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Who Won The Voice 2018? The Season 14 Winner Is...

The Voice season 14 has been spectacular, hasn't it? The finalists for this season have been phenomenal, but who will the season 14 winner be? Who won The Voice 2018? Will it be Brynn Cartelli with team Kelly Clarkson, Kyla Jade with team Blake Shelton, Britton Buchanan with team Alicia Keys, or Spensha Baker also with team Shelton. The second half of the finale will air on Tuesday, May 22, and we can't wait to see what happens next.

Last night in the first half of the season finale, The Voice finalists arranged three separate performances to take their spot on top. Each singer performed a cover, a duet with their coach (sorry Adam Levine), and an original song. While the night didn't go by without any issue, this is one of the closest races ever on the hit NBC series.

So, who will The Voice season 14 winner be? Nervous about what's to come? Don't be. We'll worry enough for the both of us. But, every singer in this bunch is going to have a career after. Still scared? Let's dive in head first. Here's everything you need to know about the finale. From spoilers and predictions to whose last performances won America over, we have it all.

Update: Can you believe that finale? Absolutely amazing. Congratulations to the winner! Check out who and in what order below.

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Who Won The Voice Season 14?

The Voice 2018 winner will be kept under wraps until the finale tonight. Unfortunately, the voting polls have now closed. So, the only thing fans can do now is sit and wait until tonight to see who wins it all. So, make sure to watch the episode tonight at 8/7c on NBC. If you can't wait or if you can't watch the episode as it airs live then you can check back with us. We'll update this post as soon as the winner is announced. So, who is eliminated? And who won? Keep checking back. We'll know soon.

Dying to know what the experts are thinking? We have some predictions that might help your nerves.

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The Voice Season 14 Finale Winner Predictions

Everyone is placing their bets on who will win The Voice tonight. Before we dive into all of that, here are the top-ranked songs on iTunes by the finalists. This information was released on Monday evening and don't predict who won the series. However, it may give the singer an advantage.

Number 1 on iTunes: Britton Buchanan - Original Solo "Where You Come From"

Number 3 on iTunes: Brynn Cartelli - Original Solo "Walk My Way"

Number 4 on iTunes: Spensha Baker - Original Solo "Old Soul"

Number 7 on iTunes: Kyla Jade - Original Solo "The Last Tear"

Number 8 on iTunes: Brynn Cartelli - Cover Solo "Skyfall"

So, it looks like Cartelli has some competition with two spots in the top 10 in iTunes. However, Buchanan blew away audiences by sweeping up the #1 spot. But, who will win? Here are some predictions. And yes, it's a tough one.

According to Gold Derby, Cartelli, Jade, and Buchanan are almost in a three-way tie to win. The site held an overnight poll, which had Buchanan leading with 34%, Cartelli at 30%, and Jade at 26%. Unfortunately Baker was last with only 10% of the vote.

Yahoo predicts that Cartelli is going to win it all in tonight's finale, despite rooting for Jade up until the finale.

Entertainment Weekly does not believe in Buchanan's win, placing him in fourth place in their predictions. Then followed by Baker in third, Cartelli in second, and Jade poised to win.

Who will come out victorious? Although we would love it if Jade won, we think that Buchanan and Cartelli will be in the top two. However, Cartelli will likely take the gold. She's young, her original song was catchy, and she had insane vocals. But, we'll see what happens tonight.

In the meantime, feel free to check out your favorite artists' last performances. Because they are just as magical as the singers themselves.

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The Voice Finale Performances 2018

Britton Buchanan Finale Performances

"Where You Come From"

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"Wake Me Up" Duet w/Coach Alicia Keys

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"Good Lovin'"

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Kyla Jade Finale Performances

"With a Little Help from My Friends"

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"Only Love" w/Coach Blake Shelton

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"The Last Tear"

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Brynn Cartelli Finale Performances

"Walk My Way"

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"Don't Dream It's Over" Duet w/Coach Kelly Clarkson

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Spensha Baker Finale Performances

"Merry Go 'Round"

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"Old Soul"

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"Tell Me About It" w/Coach Blake Shelton

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Update: The Voice Season 14 Winner

Congratulations to Brynn Cartelli and Team Clarkson for winning The Voice season 14! It has certainly been quite the season. Here is the order of the finalists.

4th place: Spensha Baker

3rd place: Kyla Jade

2nd place: Britton Buchanan

1st place: Brynn Cartelli