Why Is Dairy Bad for Your Skin? An Investigation

why is dairy bad for your skin
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How does dairy affect your skin, really?

Is Dairy Bad For Your Skin? Here's What We Know

After years of dealing with constant acne breakouts, I decided to try out Curology. While my experience with the product is a story for another day, after purchasing my first bottle, I received an email that told me that my prescribed formula was on its way. However, in the meantime, the email gave me a list of things that are often associated with acne. One of those things was dairy.

Suddenly, a flash of panic rushed through my head. Is dairy bad for your skin? Could my daily cereal and milk intake be contributing to my acne? Is it my fault?

Well, today, for your sanity and mine, we're going to investigate. Because I don't know if I can handle the truth on my own.

So how does dairy affect your skin, really?

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We know you're looking for a definite answer. I was, too.

Overall, researchers have found that acne can be irritated by consumption of dairy. However, they don't know exactly what causes it.

While scientists disagree what the root of the problem is, it is often linked to hormones and refined sugars.

Some believe that because milk contains hormones, the extra hormones that you consume likely throw off the balance of your own hormones. As a result, acne is triggered.

Others believe that insulin levels spike when dairy is consumed with higher levels of refined foods and processed sugars. As a result, sebum production increases, which will then aid in the development of acne.

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While these studies have found that some people are more likely to experience acne after consuming dairy, it doesn't mean that all dairy is bad.

In fact, it might not even be a trigger for your acne.

However, if you are worried about breakouts, then you might want to consider cutting down on your dairy intake to see if there are any changes to your skin. Then if you find that your skin is affected by milk, you can try out some alternatives – or at the very least, just eat a bit less dairy.

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