Can You Name All Of These Influential Women From The Past & Present?

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How many of these powerful women do you know?

Try to identify influential women throughout history from entertainment, politics, sports, and the arts!

 Mar 08, 2019
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Can you name all of these influential women from the past and present? Can you name women who were pivotal to women's suffrage? Do you know famous female activists and abolitionists? Think you can name powerful female politicians and world leaders? Can you identify these leading ladies and musicians? What about artists, chefs, and athletes? These ladies range from famous artists throughout history to some modern day legends! How many of these powerful women can you identify?

You're about to be quizzed on everyone from Frida Kahlo to Beyonce so get ready! Think you have what it takes? This tricky quiz is going to use your memory, history, and pop culture skills! Think you can name them all? Are you ready to take this quiz? Let's go!

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