Quiz: Do You Know The City Of Macomb, Illinois? You May Be The Only One!

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Do you really know Macomb, Illinois? You may be the only one...

Test what you know about Macomb, Illinois, Western Illinois, Spoon River College, and McDonough County.

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Women.com geographical based quizzes can help you reconnect with your home, college, or vacation town roots. People who are not from Macomb, Illinois may think it has no significance, but if you're a local or spent any time there during school or for work, you know that it was a special quaint charm to it. Take this quiz about Macomb, Illinois to see if you really know the small western Illinois town near Peoria and the Quad Cities, home of Western Illinois University and Spoon River College and known for its historical connections to The War Of 1812. Maybe you'll even get a good dose of nostalgia for your time spent in the town or learn something new that you didn't know before! Can you answer all of these questions about Macomb, Illinois correctly? Test your insider knowledge about the culture, food, and surrounding area of Macomb. Are you an Alumni or previous faculty of one of the colleges in the town? Are you a Macomb Townie? Do you know what the best restaurants are in town? What about the history of the Town Square? What special foods are served at Chicks on the Square? There may be more about Macomb than you realized that you'll remember by taking this quiz. Let's see if your knowledge qualifies you as an expert on the town, and then no matter what result you get, you can share with your family and friends who also have a connection to Macomb Illinois to reestablish those connections and have a conversation about Macomb.

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