26 Best Lollapalooza Instagram Captions

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It's festival season. Is your Insta ready?

Lollapalooza Instagram Captions

Summer coming to an end is always a bummer, but the good news is that there is one event to look forward to. Lollapalooza begins in the scorching August heat and humidity! Maybe you have your tickets bought and your outfits planned, but do you know what your Lollapalooza Instagram captions are going to be? That's essential to add to your festival to-do list. Read through this article for some serious clever Lollapalooza caption inspiration and for some quotes that will reignite your passion for music. Festival season is the best season, baby!

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Best Lollapalooza Instagram Captions for Festival Lovers

There's nothing like the good people, good vibes, and good memories that come with live music. Concerts give you amazing memories for years to come and you can capture those feelings with good photos, but you're going to need some captions to go along with them. Here are some curated concert Instagram captions for festival lovers.

• Life is made of small moments like this

• Life is short. Buy the concert tickets.

• Good music, good people, good vibes

• You've never seen me truly happy unless you've gone to a concert with me

• Where the dreamers go


• Good vibes only

• It's different when its live

• I wish some nights lasted forever

• Where memories are made

• If concerts were free, you'd never see me again

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• Concerts set me free

• I want to live in a music festival forever

• Catch me at Lolla

• I don't just sing, I perform


Best Lollapalooza Instagram Captions for Music Lovers

Sometimes it's all about the concert or festival, but other times, it's all about your pure love for music. If you're more of music lover than a festival lover, here are some music Instagram captions that perfectly express your love for it.

• Music is life. That's why our hearts have beats

• Music is what feelings sound like

• I'm just a free spirit with a wild heart and an open road ahead


• Where words leave off, music begins

• Music is the strongest form of magic

• I believe in music the way that some people believe in fairytales

• It's more than music to us


Best Music Quotes for Lollapalooza Instagram Captions

Sometimes the best concert Instagram caption is actually a quote from some of the amazing people who make music! Here are four music quotes that might be exactly what your post needs.

• "It's ok to live a life others don't understand." – Jenna Woginrich

• "Respond to every call that excites your spirit" – Rumi

• "Here's to now and nothing else. In a crowd all by yourself." – The Maine

• "The only truth is music" – Jack Kerouac