Best New Girl Quotes for Instagram Captions

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Who's that girl — with the amazing Instagram captions? It's... you!

New Girl Quotes That Will Bring New Life to Your Instagram

It's true. Jess Day is pretty weird and a little off-beat, but totally cool. After seven seasons, New Girl has put out some seriously wise words and funny quotes that double as great New Girl Instagram captions. If you're looking to breath new life into your Instagram, there are lots to choose from. Check out these amazing New Girl quotes from Jess, Nick, Cece and even Schmidt for some quirky — yet totally cute — inspiration for your Instagram captions. So, buckle up and sit back. Here are some of the best New Girl quotes that double as Instagram captions.

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New Girl Instagram Captions | Jess

On Love:

• "You should be with someone who's crazy about you."

• "I'm always the one who loves more, that's just my thing."

On Life:

• "Before you say no, don't say no."

• "Yeah! Because people are the worst!"

• "You can run away from your problems, but you're just going to find new ones that pop up."

On Being Jess:

• "We are literally the most embarrassing people on the planet."

• "Well, I guess I can't hide my crazy."

• "I hope you like feminist rants because that's kinda my thing."

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Of course, Nick has some hilarious and pessimistic quotes that are also sometimes really sweet.

Some of our favorites:

• "Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably."

• "The enemy is the inner me."

• "I think you're the kind of girl a guy would come back for"

• "Life sucks! And then it gets better, and then it sucks again."

Schmidt. Schmidt says a lot of things that are hilarious, and yet, you would probably never want to caption your Instagram post with them. This is why we love him.

However, he does have one gem:

• "When you care about somebody you do what's best for them even if it sucks for you."

And of course, don't forget:

• "Dammnit! I can't find my driving moccasins anywhere!"

When you're feeling down:

• "The economy stinks, bees are dying, and movies are pretty much all sequels now!"

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Lastly, Cece, of course, also has some quotable moments.

For when you or a close friend needs motivation, remember:

• "You got hurt. That doesn't mean you stop trying."