Pixar Quiz: Which Pixar Animal Would Be Your Sidekick?

These are Pixar pals with eyes on the prize!

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 Jan 08, 2019
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Question: 1/20Choose Your Answer:

Which of these is a negative trait that others might see in you?
You can get hung up on past problems
You can be a little irresponsible
You can be hard-to-change
You can be a bit snobbish

Question: 2/20Choose Your Answer:

When put in a difficult situation, which of these describes you most?
You need to gather all the facts
You need room to think and make your own decisions
You are optimistic and try to find a silver lining
You try to find deeper meanings and symbols

Question: 3/20Choose Your Answer:

If you were the CEO of a company, you would be praise for:
Being flexible and open-minded
Being dedicated and positive
Being able to remain calm under stress
Being dependable and firm

Question: 4/20Choose Your Answer:

Which of these would you have as a superpower?
The manipulation of emotions
Being able to stop time
Extreme strength

Question: 5/20Choose Your Answer:

The ideal partner would be:
Rational and intelligent
Spontaneous and free-spirited
Organized and stable
Caring and sympathetic

Question: 6/20Choose Your Answer:

You find yourself being more of a ____ person:

Question: 7/20Choose Your Answer:

The first thing you would do with your sidekick would probably be:
Go stop a law-breaker
Go over plans and notes
Find his/her perfect disguise
Have a bite to eat

Question: 8/20Choose Your Answer:

You pride yourself in being:

Question: 9/20Choose Your Answer:

What is your communication style?
It depends on the situation!
Thought-out and pre-organized
Excited, animated
Short and sweet

Question: 10/20Choose Your Answer:

The legacy you want to pass on involves:
Always staying active and moving
Always keeping peace between others
Taking the time to think about all sides to a story
Keeping certain traditions alive

Question: 11/20Choose Your Answer:

Your favorite subject in elementary school was:

Question: 12/20Choose Your Answer:

How do you see yourself in the world today?
You seek to keep the world running a smoothly as possible
You try new things and seek adventure
You are out to inspire others by your creativity and talents
You are wanting to understand exactly how it works

Question: 13/20Choose Your Answer:

In your opinion, what would be the best trait in an employee?
Honesty and communication
Organization and efficiency
Intelligence and originality
Thinking outside of the box and creatvity

Question: 14/20Choose Your Answer:

How do you measure your successes?
By being able to see the physical impacts of your work
By how many others recognize your work
By how many people appreciate you work
By how many people are affected by your work

Question: 15/20Choose Your Answer:

Pick one of these Pixar protagonists:
Spot from "The Good Dinosaur"
Russell from "Up"
Colette Tatou from "Ratatouille"
Imelda Rivera from "Coco"

Question: 16/20Choose Your Answer:

Your reward after a hard day's work would probably be:
Ice cream

Question: 17/20Choose Your Answer:

Amongst your personal connections, you are often the:
Sensible one
Peaceful one
Organized one
Energetic one

Question: 18/20Choose Your Answer:

At some point in your life you have been called:
Too loud
Too independent
Too passive
Too judgmental

Question: 19/20Choose Your Answer:

The best feedback on most anything is:
Spontaneous feedback
Timely feedback
Validating feedback
Constructive feedback

Question: 20/20Choose Your Answer:

Pick a superpower for your sidekick:
Super speed
Mind reading
Super strength
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When it comes to saving the world, we know you can't go it alone! So, how about taking your favorite Pixar animal for a spin in your supermobile? From Dug to Dante, which amazing animal would be the best fit at your side? Answer all our personality and preference questions here to get the sidekick of your dreams! If you want to take over the world (or maybe you just want to someone to help you eat ice cream), you'll certainly find the best partner today!