9 Fun Facts About Ellen Pompeo You Probably Didn't Know


Do you know Ellen as well as you know Mer?

We all know you know everything there is to know about Meredith Grey! But how well do you know the woman behind the doctor?

1. She's From Massachusettes


She's a true Bostonian!

2. She is the youngest of 6 children


Now that sounds like one loud house! Maybe this is why she's so comfortable with all those other doctors!

3. Her mother passed away when she was 4


"I think having my mother die at such a very young age – when she was 33 – I appreciate life so much." - Ellen Pompeo.

4. She was a bartender


Because of course she was! She was even originally discovered while working at SoHo Bar & Grill in New York City.

5. She met her husband at the grocery store


See even Meredith Grey has to go grocery shopping!

6. She has asthma


Ellen has suffered from moderately severe asthma all her life, and as a result is unable to have most kinds of pets which is why she has 2 poodles!

7. She and her husband got married alone


The only people in attendance at their ceremony were Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his deputy who served as witnesses.

8. Her nickname is pencil


We're assuming since she's so thin!

9. Her salary has increased over 1000% since 2005


When grey's anatomy first began taping Ellen made $200 per episode and now commands a whopping $350,000, now that's a raise!

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