We Rewatched The First Episode Of Grey's And It Gave Us All The Feels



First of all, if you're a true Grey's fan, I highly recommend re-watching the first episode for yourself, if not just for the lols.

The first episode of Grey's Anatomy premiered on March 27th, 2005. 2005! Now, I don't know about you but A LOT has happened in my life since then, and certainly, A LOT has changed (yes, I'm talking about you chunky belts).

So, it should come as no surprise that a lot has changed for the Grey/Sloan squad, but there were some things that still totally surprised me when I actually went back and watched it.



I mean duh, obviously, but still! They were SO. YOUNG. Just look at them, all young and naive. They had no clue how much crazy shit Shonda was about to put them through.

2. WOW MerDer was like hella awkward.


The sexual tension is there, but then there's just a whole big bowl of awkward.

3. Webber had a mustache, say what?!?!


I must've purposefully blocked this out of my memory.

4. Bailey really was a nazi


Knowing the loving Bailey we have today, it's hard to remember that she really was kind of a bitch. In hindsight, obviously, we know that Bailey was only hard on them for their own good, and it was really just a display of how much she cared about her little ducklings. But the first time I watched Grey's I must've thought she was the villain. Weird.

5. How in the hell did George actually get that appendix out


Like seriously, someone let this dude operate on a patient. Since then, we have seen our Grey's doctors do truly amazing things, so this probably seems a little underwhelming. BUT this was day one. One. George had never cut into a live body - EVER, and he managed to actually remove the appendix. Obviously, he didn't finish the procedure - hence 007 - but still, I think he deserves major props for making it that far.

6. Alex was such a freaking asshole


The way he talked to the nurses back then? No, not ok! What a terrible human. I know now it's so hard to imagine that our baby-saving-snarky-lovable Alex was a genuine asshole, but trust me, he was.

7. LOLing forever that Alex wanted to ask Mer out


It happened. I promise, it happened. And I'm still laughing.

8. Why in the hell did anyone leave these interns alone with patients


With patients who could actually die. These people were not real doctors yet. They weren't. Our dark and twisty level-heady Mer had NO CLUE what to do when a patient coded. None.

9. Derek was actually awesome


At first, when Derek picked Mer for the surgery I was all UGH SEXUAL FAVORITISM. But then, he explained why Mer deserved the surgery over Cristina, and it made sense, and it was great. And then my heart exploded with joy at the budding romance of MerDer, and then I ugly cried, cause, ya know.

10. Wait, what? The music was different?!


I love the little jingle that plays during the credits almost as much as I love the doctors of Grey's. And apparently it wasn't always the same! The credit music was changed at the end of the first season, and I swear to god I had never heard it before yesterday. Madness.

All in all, re-watching the first episode of Grey's kinda felt like looking back at old high school yearbooks. At first, the nostalgia makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, but then the discomfort sets in, and you try and reconcile the past with the present, and you're reminded of how awkward the past really was.

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