Gemini August 2017 Love Horoscope

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What Does August 2017 have in store for your love life?

Gemini August 2017 Love Horoscope:

Gemini, this August, you will be presented with opportunities to have more deeply connected romantic relationships, but they will require reflection and commitment. While these changes are exciting, they can also feel quite serious. Don't lose sight of what makes your relationships light and fun.

Relationships can be complicated balancing acts. We end up with so many decisions and changes to ourselves and our lives that it can be easy to be overwhelmed. However, if you approach romance this August with a light heart and open mind, it can be an incredibly fulfilling part of your life.

Gemini August 2017 Love Horoscopes

Gemini August 2017 Love Horoscope - Single:

The single Gemini can expect plenty of romance this August. Let loose and enjoy, but be on the lookout for someone special with whom you might see yourself having something more serious. You won't want to miss out if Mr. or Mrs right comes into your life.

Gemini August 2017 Love Horoscope - In A Relationship:

This August you have an increased chance of children entering into your life. This is good luck for those Gemini who is trying to have children, not so much for those who are not. If you want to remain childfree, be extra careful with birth control this month, just in case.

Your romantic partner may be experiencing additional stress at work this August. Be ready to lend a sympathetic ear. They will need to lean on you for extra support but know when to step back and take care of your own needs. You can't expect to be a strong foundation for your partner if you don't look after your own well-being.

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