Virgo October 2017 Horoscope

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What does October 2017 have in store for you?

Are you wondering what this October has in store for you in love, your career, and health? Your Virgo October 2017 Horoscope will tell you what you need to know.

October Horoscope - October 2017 Virgo Horoscope Theme:

October may be a uniquely challenging month for you Virgo, especially in the beginning. You may experience loss or other challenges in your relationships, or you might have to handle a setback at work.

You will be able to handle these challenges and potentially turn them into opportunities. Managing your stress will help you do that. Avoid falling back on old harmful habits and create new healthier stress reducing routines.

Virgo October 2017 Love Horoscope:

This October newly single Virgos should take a short hiatus from the dating scene. Breakups hurt but yours will be a great opportunity to focus on yourself this month. Invest your time in things that make you happy, take up a hobby, spend time with friends and family. take advantage of some well deserved me time.

Virgos who are currently in relationships may find that a change in circumstances at work may put a strain on your relationship at home. Stress over a new project, longer hours, or a new work location may cause conflict. Have patience and your relationship should be back to normal by the middle of October.

Virgo October 2017 Career Horoscope:

You may have experienced setbacks at work recently. Perhaps a sale or deal fell through, a project may not have worked out as planned, or maybe you received a less than stellar review. If so, you will have the chance to redeem yourself this October.

By reflecting on how and why you fell short last time, you will be able to adjust your actions in the future and avoid similar problems. Your Bosses, supervisors, coworkers etc, will notice how you have grown from your past mistakes and you will be more likely to be trusted with extra responsibilities by the end of October.

Virgo October 2017 Health and Fitness Horoscope:

Stress during the beginning of October may tempt you to fall back on old unhealthy habits. Turning to old habits may provide temporary comfort, but it's more trouble than its worth. Don't give in, instead form new healthy and productive routines and habits to counteract stress.

You might consider taking up yoga or going for walks in the morning. Reading a book before bed instead of browsing the internet could help you get deeper sleep. Making sure you eat a healthy breakfast each day would help you start the day off on a positive note. Find what routine's help keep you stress-free this October.

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