3 Helpful Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

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Make your family reunion memorable!

Family reunions are a time of joy and happiness. Meeting with beloved family members that you may not have seen in a while is heartwarming. But gathering everyone together calls for some serious event planning. If this sounds stressful to you, don’t worry. Planning a family reunion with these helpful tips can help relieve stress while creating a beautiful get-together.


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Choosing the location for your family reunion is one of the most important steps. You must consider your budget and the distance the venue is from each family member. If family members have to travel a long distance, consider sending an invitation that includes ideas for creating family memories on the road.

One option is to hold your family reunion at a campground. A campground can give you more bang for your buck! Some grounds come with party spaces with pavilions for shelter and activities. Loved ones may enjoy camping on-site in RVs, tents, or even furnished cabins.


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A successful family reunion offers activities for all ages. From young to old, having entertainment for the family can create memories and bonding experiences that can be remembered for years to come. Think outside the box and enjoy the laughter bound to ensue! Here are some fun ideas:

  • Trivia: A family trivia event can cultivate family fun. From pop culture to TV and general knowledge, all ages can participate in different styles of trivia.
  • White elephant: White elephant gifts aren’t just for the holidays. Hosting a white elephant exchange is a fun activity for any time of the year.
  • Yard games: Cornhole, ladder ball, and croquet are a few examples of yard games that you can enjoy as a family. If you are competitive, consider giving away prizes to the winner.


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Planning a menu ahead of time can help picky eaters or those with allergies feel respected. It also allows time to thoughtfully plan meals and purchase appropriate ingredients. This helps to respect the venue you’re staying at while also sticking within a budget. Consider these helpful tips when planning a menu for your family reunion:

  • Venue: Is there a kitchen at your venue? Access to electricity for food warmers can make or break your menu plans.
  • Theme: Use your location as inspiration for your menu. For example, you could have a camping-themed menu with s’mores and other campfire treats.
  • Time of year: The season can determine your menu. If you’re meeting in the winter, you may want to serve soup, while the summertime calls for fruit and chilled foods.

Enjoy making new memories with your closest loved ones. Use these tips to plan a successful family reunion.

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