4 Enticing Ideas To Promote Your New Bar


Keeping a new bar busy and relevant takes a lot of hard work, especially today. Here are four enticing ideas to promote your new bar and make it stand out.

Opening a bar might sound fun in concept, but once you’ve committed to opening your establishment, it becomes your entire life. Suddenly your focus starts to center entirely on making your bar work and pushing through hard times. However, sometimes, word of mouth isn’t always enough to get people in the door to try your new concoctions.

So here we have four enticing ideas to promote your new bar to the public. We’ll take a look at the different methods of starting right and making improvements along the way—because everyone deserves a good drink and a positively contagious atmosphere for their evenings out.

Find Your Target Demographic

When you begin your adventure of owning a bar, finding the target demographic is one of the first things you should do. It will make marketing more accessible and more impactful. By identifying the right demographics, you can move forward with enticing ideas to promote your new bar to those specific groups.

Start your research by looking into demographic and psychographic data in your area. Accumulate the necessary information, then use it to your advantage by catering your establishment more to their interests. This will help you create more meaningful connections and adjust your strategies based on their unique experiences.

Step Up Your Social Media Presence

With meaningful content on social media, you’ll have a better chance of grabbing customers’ attention. Use pictures, conversational statuses, and event posts through social media to increase your exposure. It will help onlookers attach a familiar personality and face to the brand you’ve been promoting.

Additionally, building a loyalty program with your customers through SMS or emails will allow you to promote any specials, deals, and much more at the push of a button. So next time you want to host a wine tasting night, use social media to your advantage by promoting it there. Building your personal brand comes with experimentation and finding your voice.

Ensure Quality Customer Service

The last thing you want is for someone to leave your bar unhappy and unsatisfied, so take it into your hands to establish reputable customer service policies. Your customers are the ones who will keep your bar relevant and successful.

Gather your team to go over customer service training and awareness that will increase guest satisfaction. Your staff will be the ones creating those first impressions of your bar, so their actions will determine if a customer leaves happy or unhappy.

Entertain Your Guests With Activities

A great way to get new customers into the door is to host various events. Whether you have a game night, a live performance, trivia night, or a sip-and-paint event, these types of activities will help your customers become more familiar with what your bar represents. Showing the community that you care about their well-being and the ability to keep them entertained will encourage customers to return again and again. So schedule a few days each month to host events that put your bar on the map.

With that said, we hope you find amazing success with opening your bar!

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