4 Tips for Hosting a Wonderful Kids’ Slumber Party

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Parents, we've got your back!

Does your kid want to throw a slumber party? No need to panic! With planning and preparation, you can make it a great experience for the kids.

Give yourself and other parents peace of mind while delivering a dream party; use these four tips for hosting a wonderful kids’ slumber party.

1. Send Invitations

Sending invitations is the jumping-off point for the whole party. Keep the number of kids invited at a manageable level—inviting five kids or fewer will make it easier for you to prepare the party and supervise the children.

On the invitations, include information such as your address, how parents can reach you, when the party starts, when parents should pick up their kids, and any requests. Contact parents about food allergies and other things you should know about their child, such as what they’re permitted to do or if they need accommodations. Be sure to get each parent’s contact information, too.

2. Create Fun and Comfortable Spaces

The next tip for hosting a slumber party kids love is to create fun and comfortable spaces. This will guide where the kids go and where they spend their time. It also helps kids feel relaxed and safe, which can go a long way in helping the party run smoothly.

One of the best furniture tips for your kid’s slumber party is to use floor cushions. You can lay cushions out in front of the TV if you plan on playing movies or streaming shows. This casual seating is fun, and kids can easily move their own cushions around to sit where they want.

3. Prepare Food and Snacks

Put together a simple dinner and breakfast that all the kids can eat. While slumber party snacks are notoriously fun and often unhealthy, you can still make meals with nutritious ingredients. Or, you might opt to order food in, such as pizza. Whatever you choose, have a plan in place before the night of the party.

Create a snack bar that includes sweet and savory foods. Most kids will love eating cheese, pretzels, popcorn, candy, and chocolate. You can help with portion control, or ensure everyone gets their fair share, by giving kids their own snack boxes or platters to fill.

4. Prepare Activities, but Don’t Over-Plan

You can plan a mix of high- and low-energy activities, but be sure not to over-plan. One of kids’ favorite things about slumber parties is the feeling of freedom and spontaneity.

Give kids a few options for things to do. In warm weather, give kids the chance to play with outdoor toys—you can set up a yard game, such as cornhole, or an interactive activity like a slip ‘n slide.

Indoor activities like board games, truth or dare, or charades are fun any time of year. And watching a movie is a common slumber party activity.

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