5 Tips for Illuminating Your Patio at Night

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It's lit!

Updating your outdoor lighting can make your patio and backyard safer and cozier. Whether you dramatically overhaul the lighting in your backyard or make only a few adjustments, you can refresh your patio. Transform your outdoor living space with these five tips for illuminating your patio at night.

1. Light Walkways and Pathways

Ensure you light all walkways and pathways to keep your household and guests safe from trips and falls. Focus especially on the edge of the patio, any areas with uneven terrain, and walkway perimeters. Use overhead lights and staked pathway lights for ample coverage.

2. Highlight Design Features

Another tip for illuminating your patio at night is to highlight design features. If you like architectural details on your home’s exterior, decorative accents on the patio, or special features in your yard, don’t shy away from shining a light on them. Spotlights and up/down lights can create a beautiful effect.

3. Choose Different Types of Lighting

To [affordably refresh your patio design](https://www.women.com/feliciapriedel/lists/affordable-ways-to-refresh-your-patio-design-0506220, use different types of lighting around your outdoor space. Other than mixing the style of electric lights you use, you can add visual interest with outdoor candles and torches. Whereas electric lights provide a steady glow, the flame from a candle or torch adds a lively touch.

4. Create a Mood

You don’t have to sacrifice the practical benefits of outdoor lights to create a warm ambience. As you consider which kinds of light fixtures and lightbulbs to use, think about the mood you want to create. Having different types of lighting to choose from can help you transition your space from energetic to soothing, making lights an essential part of creating a stylish outdoor living space.

5. Increase Energy Efficiency

Finally, consider ways to increase energy efficiency as you revamp your outdoor lighting. Solar lights capture energy from the sun’s rays throughout the day, then use that energy to power the light. Long-lasting, energy-efficient light bulbs require little maintenance. And you can operate your lights most simply by using a timer that turns the lights on and off at preset intervals.

Improve the functionality and style of your patio by upgrading your outdoor lighting. Light pathways and walkways to help keep people safe. Highlight design features to create stunning effects. Use different types of lighting to customize the mood in your versatile space. And achieve it all with energy-efficient materials and practices.

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