Affordable Ways To Refresh Your Patio Design

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Fun and easy ideas to update your space!

By late spring, many homeowners have started to spend time in their outdoor living areas. If you haven’t updated your space recently, there’s no better time to spruce it up!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to style the patio of your dreams. Check out these affordable ways to refresh your patio design.

1. Deck Your Patio Out With Flowers

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Adding flowers, greenery, or even a simple herb garden are great ways to bring life to your patio. Potted plants can spruce up your patio without breaking the bank. And the pots themselves come in different styles and colors to help you liven up your space.

Not everyone has a green thumb, and that’s okay. You can use artificial plants for the same effect! Just make sure they are made with UV-resistant material that won’t fade or wear down from exposure to sun, wind, and moisture. Whether artificial or real, plants are an affordable way to refresh your patio design.

2. Mix Up the Lighting

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Continue enjoying your patio after the sun goes down. Light up your patio and add visual interest with an affordable mix of light sources. A popular option is to hang string lights above your seating or in tree limbs.

For another layer of light, outdoor candles do the trick. Flickering candlelight helps create an intimate setting you can enjoy with loved ones or on your own. Although patios are most popular during the spring and summer, candles can also help you use your patio during fall and winter.

3. Update Your Furniture

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Give your patio a makeover with budget-friendly changes to your furniture. These changes will encourage people to stay outside and soak up the sun. And when your patio looks and feels good, it makes it easier to host larger get-togethers, even in small spaces.

For a simple change, switch out your pillows for more fun and comfort. Or add new accent pieces, like end tables or planters, to fill out the space around your furniture.

If you want to give your project a little elbow grease, you can paint your furniture in colors that suit your personality and design plans. If your patio table and chairs look a little tired, appropriately washing, prepping, and painting the metal will give them a cheerful new look.

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