Differences Between Waist Trainers and Corsets

corset, waist trainer

Two similar products with two very different functions - let us explain.

It’s easy to mistake one for the other, but waist trainers and corsets offer different results and vary in use. Several aspects, such as construction and outcomes, make them functionally different. Knowing these differences can help you make the right purchase and assist you in achieving your goals. Let’s look at the core differences between waist trainers and corsets.


A waist trainer typically uses plastic or steel boning enclosed in latex or spandex. The plastic offers greater flexibility. In contrast, a corset is generally made of a flexible satin or cotton material reinforced with steel boning. It accentuates the curves you already have, while a waist trainer can create a more defined waistline for people who carry their weight in the tummy region.


A critical step in choosing the right waist trainer is measuring for accuracy. The tightening process requires the fit to be exact—not too tight and not too loose. It will typically use a hook and latch system, with additional rows to move into your torso as you progressively bring in your waistline. A corset, on the other hand, reshapes the torso per your body’s shape using laces.


Both corsets and waist trainers take practice to gain comfortability. Unlike a piece of shapewear, they require time to take on and off. With that in mind, a waist trainer tends to be easier due to the hook and latch system. A corset will require more thought because of the total lace enclosure.

Price Variations

For both garments, there are low and high price ranges. How you choose will partly depend on your budget for this type of garment and the length you’re willing to go on research. Overall, waist trainers are less expensive than corsets due to a corset’s steel boning.


Both of these pieces have the ability to define and shape the waist. Corsets have a tendency to be bulky, so they can cause discomfort under clothing. However, a waist trainer will perform long term and achieve the desired results.

When we think about the differences between waist trainers and a corset, we sometimes forget just how different they are. Depending on your body goals and current body shape, one may be better for you than the other.

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